Where I Visit Two Food Truck Events!

In case you were not aware…and really, if you start to follow my blog you’ll soon find out…

I LOVE food trucks! I have literally hundreds of photos from food truck events. I promise not to post them all at once.

This post, however, might be a bit long, because tonight I was able to visit two local food truck events! Yay!

A newer event, being held the second and fourth Tuesday every month, is at 3200 Grant Street (corner of Grant and Crystal Lake) in Conway/Orlando.

One of my all time favorite trucks was there tonight. The Korean BBQ Taco Truck (on Twitter: @koreanbbq_2011). Everything they do is delish, but I regularly order the bulgogi beef taco box.

The flavor of this meat is amazing! You can also have the meat on rice if you prefer. On top of that soft taco you see in this picture are some yummy cheese rolls. I really don’t know how to adequately describe these awesome rolls of cheesy goodness…I just know you will love them. I could probably eat a dozen! I surely can’t just eat one! The rolls come in the taco box, along with a fried potato patty, ginger dressing salad and a SPICY chicken wing. So much good food! I highly recommend any dish on the menu but especially the bulgogi beef. (They also serve a mean Korean fried chicken!)

Another favorite, and one of the first food trucks I ever visited, is The Crepe Company (on Twitter: @TheCrepeCompany). They have a variety of savory and sweet crepes. Try them all…you won’t be disappointed. Tonite I got a Boston cream crepe.

Inside this pillowy pocket of crepe goodness is a sweet Boston cream custard, chocolate sauce and strawberries. So good! The s’mores crepe is a close second to this favorite dessert crepe.

I also picked up a peanut butter pie cup from Charlie’s Bakery. (On Twitter: @CharliesBakery1)

I have a weakness for desserts!

If you didn’t know, the famous local bakery that has been around for years recently began operating a food truck. Excellent decision!

They bring a great selection from their brick and mortar store. Give them try, if you haven’t!

My second stop tonight was the über popular Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District.

I had to pick up a favorite from The Eclectic Kitchen (on Twitter: @t_eclectic) before they take a break for six weeks. (They will be missed, but everyone needs time away. Namaste food truck friends!)

I love their shrimp and corn fritters!

I normally indulge in their amazing bread pudding dessert but tonight I tried their banana wontons with chambord sauce…sweet fried goodness! Yum!

Also at Tasty Tuesdays is another all time favorite truck and the second food truck I ever visited…The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck! Okay, tonight their tent was up but you can’t miss their super cute trucks with their signature signage. (Find them on Twitter: @yumyumtruck_fl)

The best cupcake EVER is their Dom Berrignon! Champagne, berries, creamy frosting and delicious vanilla cake all in one precious pink paper cupcake holder. Or as many holders as you like. I recommend a sexy six-pack so you can try a variety of their offerings. Here’s one I managed not to eat on the way home…

They have something for everyone…and they have fun names for their cupcakes too. They are really just the coolest cupcake purveyor on the planet! (And I don’t just say that because of my honorary Twitter title of #vpofyumyumhashtags.) I’m a bit obsessed.

Last but definitely not least, I stopped by the Twisted Cuban truck (on Twitter: @TwistedCubanMFT) and picked up some fish tacos for the hubs.

I am a fan of these as well…the flavor of the fish, the slaw and guacamole glaze are a great combination.

The trucks at this event rotate but I suggest you try any or all of them and find your favorites. Then frequent them! Find them on Twitter or Facebook, and share their calendar of events. It’s a great community event and you will undoubtedly meet some of the nicest people. Not just the patrons but the food truck owners and operators. I have yet to have a bad experience, and very much enjoy these regular events. If you haven’t visited a food truck event, I suggest checking out The Daily City’s Food Truck Bazaar. You can find them on Twitter @FoodTruckBazaar.

In closing…just remember…

I may need a 12-step program one day.

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One thought on “Where I Visit Two Food Truck Events!

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. You need to make a Youtube video of your expeditions meeting vendors and customers.

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