Hash House A Go Go

Twisted Farm Food
from Hash House A Go Go

This is a such a cool place. I saw pics from the @FoodTruckBazaar folks after their visit here and had to give it a try.

I am a fan of corned beef hash dishes, so I tried their freshly sliced corned beef, red onion and Swiss cheese hash.

These portions are huge! Their hashes are tossed with crispy potatoes, topped with 2 eggs, and served with fresh fruit and a massive biscuit. I took half of this home, so I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow.

In the pic above is a specialty drink seen better here…

This is a kiwi watermelon lemonade. Fresh, sweet, and tart. It comes in a novelty, take-home cup but you can have it in the pictured ‘regular’ glass for a bit cheaper.

My husband ordered one of their ‘farm benedicts’. The Andy’s Sage fried chicken…

served with fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs. I think this dish weighed at least four pounds. The cream sauce is not the typical hollandaise but a spicy chipotle cream that gives the chicken and biscuits a nice kick. The bacon, of course, makes this dish over-the–top delicious. I highly recommend you try it, but consider sharing it with a friend (unless you also enjoy leftovers).

We ordered a snickers flapjack to share (before we knew how much food we were getting into).

This was SO good. Wow. We cut it up and took it home to enjoy tomorrow. This flapjack was easily twelve inches in diameter.

This is the ‘kid size’ chocolate chip pancake…

Again…this place serves HUGE portions.

Before we left we saw that someone had ordered a ‘basic’ which was one egg, bacon, and toast. A much more do-able breakfast for one, if you want a less heavy breakfast. If you want to indulge and have plenty to take home, this place has some amazing looking dishes that are super-sized for a big appetite or sharing.

The prices are more than your average breakfast spot but the portions are enough for two meals, so I wouldn’t say they are over-priced.

I suggest that after your meal you plan a very lengthy walk, work-out or a nap. We, of course, opted for a nap.

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