Gigi’s Cupcakes

I finally made it to Gigi’s Cupcakes! They recently opened in the Colonial Plaza (Bumby and Colonial) near Old Navy. Andrew Zimmern may say that the cupcake trend is over but here in Orlando cupcake shops are always busy and still a popular option for parties (or to satisfy a sweet craving without having to buy or bake a whole cake).

The shop is as cute as its cupcakes.

They sell all manner of Gigi’s Cupcakes paraphernalia.

But on to the cupcakes!

I love lots of icing so I was immediately a fan of these cupcakes. Check out this sweet stacked swirl of icing on the strawberries and cream cupcake…

This cupcake is yellow cake with sweet strawberry icing (and a dollop squeezed inside for a surprise filler) and topped with white candy sprinkles.

My daughter picked the Miss Princess cupcake…

This picture shows the little candy crown that topped the strawberry cupcake (that had small chunks of strawberry fruit inside). Miss Princess is topped with vanilla cream icing and strawberry candy ice sprinkles.

I also had to get one of their cheesecake cups. I picked a chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake cup…

I have no words.

Just get one. Trust me.

Gigi’s changes their selections so check for the daily offerings when you stop in.

Here are some shots of the other cupcakes we saw on our visit. Red velvet, chocolate chocolate chip,

peanut butter cup, mojito, strawberries and cream,

and white midnight magic chocolate chip.

Mini cupcakes are available but must be purchased by the dozen. So cute!

Here is what we brought home.

Best designed carrier for cupcakes ever at the bottom of this box. This is a masterpiece…

This kept the cupcakes from flopping around on the way home and making a mess of the icing on the inside of the perfectly deep box.

I will definitely visit Gigi’s again to try more flavors. (You should check them out too.) I think there’s a peanut butter cup cupcake calling my name…

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2 thoughts on “Gigi’s Cupcakes

  1. Looking forward to your blog! I love keeping up with the Orlando food scene, and I’ve been meaning to stop by Gigi’s for a while. I may try to make a trip up there on this rainy Saturday.

    Best of luck on the blog!

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