The Donut King

A love story…

I just couldn’t stay away any longer. I first visited The Donut King last year after seeing Julius Mayo, Jr.’s* incessant check-ins and ridiculously delish looking pics on Twitter. It did not disappoint then and tonight was no different.

They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

They always have an excellent assortment of fresh doughnuts with crazy tempting toppings.

There are also the standards: glazed, apple fritters, crullers and eclairs.

The menu also lists “burgers, nuggets & more.” Last visit, the hubs had a couple castle burgers (think Krystal burgers but not as greasy and good even when you’re sober).

I saw tonight on their marquis outside they were offering catfish sliders! Yum!

But my selections tonight were intentionally sinful:

(Top left-row 1)Bavarian cream filled, strawberries and cream, zebra, apple filled, (second row) chocolate filled, 2 Bavarian creams, chocolate iced, (bottom row) glazed with chocolate icing and mini peanut butter cups, glazed with vanilla icing and strawberry filled, glazed with vanilla icing and topped with ©Nerds, and another chocolate iced.

Enough? Uh, no.

You can’t visit The Donut King without trying THIS…

A maple glazed donut topped with fresh, crispy, fried bacon. Surely one of the best doughnuts I have had the pleasure of eating. (And I was raised on Krispy Kremes.)

I can’t tell you how many Krispy Kreme shops I passed on my 45 minute drive to Minneola. But it was well worth the trip.

If you need something to help you with self control (as in, it will keep you out of the store and from viewing all of those amazing doughnuts), they have this too…

You’re welcome.

I suggest when you are in the mood for a doughnut, you enjoy a leisurely drive through the picturesque rolling hills of Clermont (at least that was the path my Scout app took me) to visit the The Donut King. (The sugar high for the trip home is good times with a three year old.)

The Donut King
208 S. Hwy 27
Mineola, FL 34715

You can drool over their selections from the comfort of your home, and in your pjs even, on their website:


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*Julius Mayo, Jr., photog and food blogger extraordinaire as found on Twitter @droolius and his website

Thanks to you, Julius, for introducing me to the world of food photography, food truck lovin’ and blogging.


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