Chain chain chain, chain of foods.

Okay, you kinda have to be old enough to get that title and even then, it’s still lame. As lame as I feel after eating at chains all weekend and blogging about it. I promise to try harder local foodies.

First on the tour of chain shame is Outback. I like Outback and have always enjoyed their food. I was fortunate to win a gift certificate from Outback on Twitter, so this meal was especially enjoyable. We had a bloomin’ onion, of course…

I had their chicken artichoke flatbread…

and we enjoyed their new cake pops flight.

The cake pops were cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate and carrot cake. For me, the cheesecake was best.

Next up, California Pizza Kitchen. I had seen pics on Twitter of a dessert pizza, but the Waterford location knew nothing of this. Nevertheless, we stayed. Haha. I chose, for dinner, their chicken lettuce wraps.

The hubs had chicken fettuccine in a vodka cream sauce that was quite tasty.

For dessert, a sweet berry and vanilla cream sauce that was devoured by the tot. (My little fruitatarian.)

Also this weekend, we visited Italio’s. I’ve heard this place is like an Italian food version of a Chipotle, and I think that is a perfect comparison. I tried a steak salad bowl.

The portion size and flavor was good. The creamy ceasar dressing was tasty.

The hubs tried a pasta bowl with meatballs in a spicy pomodoro sauce.

For dessert, thanks to our Foursquare check-in, we got a free order of their cannoli chips. They are served with ricotta cheese with chocolate chips in it.

The ricotta dip was yummy!

Last but not least, one of my all time favorite chains that I have no guilt for visiting often. The awesome 4Rivers. Great owners, great BBQ and a super sweet dessert selection. Get ready to NEED these desserts.

My daughter loves the vanilla birthday cake cupcake.

The cherry, sprinkles and frosting disappear first. My girl!

I got a zebra ding dong. (Insert inappropriate giggle here.)

Creamy delish filling in a vanilla cake, with a hard vanilla shell drizzled with chocolate. Divine!

The hubs got an Oreo bomb. And let me tell you…it weighed half a pound easy.

This loveliness is beyond any description I might attempt. You must try this for yourself. It is utter bliss. It is big enough to share too!

I hope this weekend will bring opportunities to try new and local spots, so hopefully my street cred (lol) isn’t ruined as a budding food blogger. Thanks to my Twitter followers who must clearly love the info I RT about local food, food trucks and events, since they are hanging around. (I appreciate you all and your feedback, as well as suggestions.)

No matter where you choose to eat, my friends, enjoy! Without shame!

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