The Greek Corner

Today for lunch we visited The Greek Corner. I ate here a few years ago when I lived on the other side of Lake Ivanhoe. They have received many “Best of” awards over the last six years, and for good reason.

We started with an appetizer and chose tiropita (cheese pies). Think spanikopita without the spaniko (spinach)!

These lovely phyllo pockets are filled with a creamy cheese that is delish.

My entree came with a lovely Greek salad.

The Greek corner does not skimp and this salad could easily have been a meal. Lots of feta and amazing flavors in this salad.

For my entree, I had chose pastitsio.

This dish has layers of beef, Greek ziti and a tasty Bechamel sauce. This is a standard, and usually a consistently good dish in most Greek restaurants. It was great, and big enough that I brought half home for dinner.

This entree is served with a choice of sides. I chose their potatoes.

These seasoned potato wedges are so good.

The hubs ordered a gyro sandwich.

Look at that creamy tzatziki! He was definitely full after this beef and lamb packed pita! He barely touched the fries.

I enjoy this little Greek food spot on Lake Ivanhoe. They have an outdoor seating area as well in an adorable garden setting. The service has always been excellent.

The Greek Corner is located at 1600 N. Orange Ave. in Orlando. You can order take-out too by calling 407-228-0303.

Kali orexi!

(That’s Greek for bon appétit!)

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