Mediterranean Blue

I have been wanting to eat at Mediterranean Blue for some time now. I have often passed this little corner shop on Sundays after church (they are closed on Sunday) and told myself I would come by again soon. (I was also super jealous that the ‘lunch bunch’ and some local blogger peeps beat me to this place!) Well today was my day! I met up with the hubs for lunch and we arrived at 10:55…they open promptly at 11 a.m. I was on a mission!

We started with this lovely hummus and pita appetizer.

Nothing tastes better than fresh bread, and we just happened to see the bread being delivered five minutes before opening. Love that!

The owner, Gail, informed us that under the “Mediterranean” umbrella, restaurants will serve hummus and pita. However, in Greece, you won’t find hummus and pita, or tabbouleh, as these are more Middle Eastern dishes. See, you can lunch and learn people!

Next, we had the Greek cheese fries appetizer.

Seasoned perfectly, these tasty fries are covered with feta cheese. Oh my…this was so good. I could have licked the paper.

The hubs ordered pastitsio.

I tasted it and can say it is fantastic! One word…béchamel!

His dish also came with a perfect Greek side salad.

I ordered falafel in pita with tzatziki.


You can also order little falafel balls to add to any salad, along with some great side dishes they carry.

We also enjoyed their baklava!

Perfect bite-sized pastries.

Here are some of Mediterranean Blue’s specials posted today:

This is a great neighborhood restaurant and a true gem. Gail made us, and every guest we saw come in today, feel welcome. She has a true spirit of hospitality and family. I highly recommend this spot and would suggest you tell everyone to stop in!

Απολαύστε (That’s Greek for enjoy!)

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