Day 1 of vacation road trip – 3 new dining spots! Part 1 of 3: breakfast

Our last road trip vacation was to Virginia, and we hadn't even left the State before stopping in Jacksonville to eat at a place we saw on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. This vacation, we barely got 1/2 a mile from our subdivision before finding Athena's Grille.

I learned from our server Ann, that the owner of a great Greek place in the old Circuit City plaza on 436 near 17-92 had decided to open this location. I used to visit the Altamonte Springs restaurant frequently years ago. I am thrilled, and excited to try this place again for dinner sometime.

Today we stopped in for breakfast. I ordered a steak and egg on wheat sandwich with mushrooms.

Perfect. And good flavor.

The hubs ordered a Greek omelet that came loaded with lamb, tomatoes, feta cheese, and pepperoncinis.

He said there was some kick to this dish. You can order one of several sides; he chose seasoned potatoes. They were delish!

Can't wait to visit again and try more.

This local spot for East Orlando folks will be a nice addition to the Chickasaw area.

Looks like those who have visited are already fans!

(via Urbanspoon)

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