Day 1 of vacation road trip – 3 new dining spots! Part 2 of 3: lunch

I used Urbanspoon to find a restaurant for us to try in Georgia. It offered up Zachry's and we were grateful for an open table and no wait for our Father's Day lunch. Yay Urbanspoon!

I started with a Zachry's House salad with ranch.

Bacon and eggs and red onion. I was happy.

I ordered the Southwest egg rolls that was a 'special' not listed on their usual menu.

They were good.

The hubs also ordered an off menu 'special', a French Dip sandwich with fries.

He also decided that since we were in Georgia he had to have sweet tea (not pictured) to drink. He said it was sweet, like diabetic coma inducing sweet. Haha!

We opted out of dessert thinking we'd hit up a Dairy Queen, as is often done on I-95 road trips, but we were both full and would have preferred a nap. At least our toddler got one.

Via Google

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