Hilton Head Diner

I saw the Hilton Head Diner last night while we were running to the grocery for a few things and I knew I had to bookmark this location on Yelp to visit. We went for dinner tonight. I now love this little diner and want to go again and again. The menu is quite large and you can order from their breakfast menu at any time. Here was their list of specials for tonight:

I had a hard time deciding until I saw they had challah bread French toast.

This is some of the best challah bread French toast I have ever had. Ever. And I have had my share. Amazing flavor. Fresh bread. Awesome. I could go on, but there is more food to discuss.

The hubs ordered clam strips and fries.

I think he regretted his order when he saw mine.

We ordered the diner's special banana split for dessert.

Yep, it was massive. Really good but really ridiculously huge. Can you say post-vacation diet? So can I, but not for a few more days thankfully!

This diner also has a lovely little display case of pastries…

And right by the check out they tempt you with one last sweet for the road. We were sucked in..

This will be great after a nap tomorrow. The vacation agenda is arduous.

If you are in the area, it is definitely worth checking out. See more on this place at http://www.hiltonheaddiner.com.

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