The Egg & I

This was our second visit to the Egg & I. I have chosen with this blog not to post a bad review of places I visit that I don’t have a great experience. However, while the service at the Egg & I leaves much to be desired (this can be said of both of our visits); the food here is actually quite good. So aside from the one negative, let’s move on with the positive, shall we?

I ordered the Cambridge skillet.

This dish comes with two eggs (I chose scrambled), bacon, ham, cheese, potatoes, and hollandaise sauce. My choice of bread was English muffin. This is a huge dish and I wasn’t able to finish it but it was quite good.

The hubs ordered a traditional eggs Benedict.

He also chose potatoes as his side.

The tot had a whole wheat pancake (they only have whole wheat) and a fruit cup.

It came with grape eyes and a butter nose, so she added a grape mouth. Of course.

The Egg & I also serves lunch. They are located at 2380 S. Orange Avenue in the SoDo plaza.

More info can be found on their website at:

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