Athena’s Grill

We enjoyed our breakfast visit to Athena’s Grill before we left for vacation a couple of weeks ago, and we finally made it back tonight to have dinner.

We started with Saganaki (pan fried cheese) served with fresh warm pita.

I couldn’t wait to cut into it!

We also spread a little tzatziki on the bread as well…yum. Both were very good.

I ordered a Greek salad (no tomatoes or olives – sorry foodies, haha) with chicken and asked for the chicken on the side.

I love that they serve potato salad in their Greek salad. That’s how I’ve always enjoyed it, but not all Greek restaurants serve it this way.

Athena’s Grill serves huge portions so I knew I’d have half a salad and a ton of chicken left over. Asking for the chicken on the side allows me to use this chicken on my leftover salad as well as many other options. The flavor of the chicken is outstanding.

The hubs ordered pastitsio which came with choice of potatoes, rice, green beans or fries. He chose rice.

This serving is easily enough for two people to share. Good thing he had leftovers too, I will enjoy his rice with my chicken.

We are attending a party on Thursday and ordered a half pan of pastitsio to pick up Wednesday evening take to the party, if that’s any indication of how much the hubs enjoyed his meal. The owner gave us instructions for reheating and provides a side of sauce. We also decided to order hummus and pita for the party. I think we will for sure not have any leftovers, and hopefully will introduce some people to a new Greek restaurant.

If you’re in the area, you need to visit this lovely location of Athena’s Grill.

587 Chickasaw Trail
(Publix Plaza)
Orlando, FL 32825

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