Yes! Yoder’s!

I first heard about Yoder’s on Man v. Food on the Food Network.

We once went on a road trip to Virginia and ate at different Man v. Food spots all the way there and back. It was awesome. So I have been looking forward to visiting Yoder’s for quite some time. We arrived to find a line and waited maybe half an hour to be seated.

I couldn’t have been happier to wait in line. I just tried to soak it all in.

Now lets get to the food!

Here was the board of the daily specials on our visit.

We were started with the freshest homemade bread.

The krust was so soft the tot even ate it.

Next the hubs ordered a cup of chili.

I was saving room for dessert so I skipped a starter.

I ordered a cabbage roll with a side of Amish potato cakes.

Their cabbage rolls are stuffed with meat, rice and spices, and are served in a light tomato sauce.

They were really good. I also enjoyed the Amish potato cakes with some sour cream. Perfection.

The hubs had Mama’s meatloaf.

This was the small order, and it was huge! There’s a whole slice of that homemade bread under that sauce! He chose mashed potatoes and gravy as his side.

For dessert the tot (after eating her grilled cheese and applesauce that I neglected to photograph) enjoyed vanilla ice cream with sprinkles for dessert.

The hubs had to try their chocolate cake (again, huge).

I opted for the famous peanut butter pie that we saw on Man v. Food.

Oh yea. Heavenly.

Here’s a shot of their menu.

We enjoyed our visit so much. I want to visit again for breakfast. Hopefully it won’t take me as long to get back here.

I had to also visit the Yoder’s market and gift shop.



Soda and juice! (Haha)

I would love to live closer to this place. I loved every bit of it.

If you ever make it to Sarasota, or you’re within an hour drive…make the trip. It’s worth the wait.

(Pic via Google)

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