We were heading home from our West Coast weekend, when we suddenly decided we were hungry enough to stop and eat before continuing back to Orlando. Luckily, we had just gone through the Tampa area when I remembered hearing about Datz. This gastro-pub came highly recommended by foodies on Twitter, so the hubs was happy to do a u-turn and head back into town to have brunch here. I recommend making a reservation, as we were given a 30 minute wait time on arrival. (It was worth the wait, but any wait with a 4 year old in tow can be challenging. Thank the Lord for iPads.)

After being seated in their outdoor dining area, I showed our server our check-in on Foursquare, and we cashed in on a free, small order of Datz’ famous monkey bread.

Splurge indeed!

I have to say, even though I’m not a fan of cinnamon, this monkey bread was EXCELLENT. It was also light on the cinnamon so it wasn’t too difficult for me to “share” with the hubs.

I knew we were there for brunch but the Vinney’s Brisket Philly was speaking to me. I asked our server if I should choose it over the Chicken n’ Waffle Benedict and he suggested I go with the latter. I was happy for the recommendation, as it turned out to be an excellent one.

The Chicken n’ Waffle Benedict consists of boneless fried chicken (that had a tasty seasoning), cheddar Belgian waffle, poached eggs, and tasso hollandaise sauce. I opted for strawberries as my side and received enough to have leftovers. (As much as I loved this, I will definitely try the philly when we return because I love brisket and provolone cheese a little too much to neglect it a second time.)

The hubs ordered the “datz good hash”.

His dish came with corned beef, hashed brown potatoes, two eggs and toast (house-made Amish milk bread).

He also ordered a side of their cheese grits.

The tot had this lovely peanut butter and fluff sandwich (with bananas on the side instead of on the sandwich as it’s made).

This meal also came with a cookie, and was served on an awesome “school/cafeteria lunch” style plate. She definitely enjoyed this meal. (Who wouldn’t!)

The Datz restaurant has outdoor and indoor seating, and two bar areas. They also sell lots of cool products including these cool salts…


local jams…


Wondermade marshmallows!

They also have a nice display of desserts and sweets, some of which are also carried in their neighboring store…Dough!

I will have a separate post on our visit to Dough (even though it was right next door and owned by Datz). It really deserves its own post. Trust me when you see the pics, you’ll understand.

If you are in Tampa or just passing through, you must must must vist Datz! I hope to return to try the philly (along with the mac bits and datchos) because they are needed in my life.

2616 S. MacDill Ave.
Tampa, FL



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