Dough is located right next door to Datz in Tampa. From their website,, you can click on the link to their bakery. This adorable shop offers pastries, doughnuts, bread, chocolates, and gelato. They also serve breakfast and lunch.

We stopped in for dessert after eating at Datz. We also scored here on our Yelp check-in, and received a free small gelato. We chose chocolate. We also didn’t take a picture. Sorry. I blame the food coma.

The hubs bought a couple of chocolates…and again, no picture. Again, sorry.

It seems we enjoyed the store so much, and their treats, that I neglected to get photos of all of our yummies…but I did remember to get pics of the two things that made their way home. First, this lovely “root beer float” doughnut… 

How cute is the little straw and root beer candy!

And, one of my favorite kinds of doughnut these days…Datz’ maple bacon doughnut.

Oh yea! Bacon makes everything better.

I manage to snap a few photos of the bakery too. Here is their menu board…

their cute little piggy…

some simply syrups for sale…

and some sweet-filled display cases.

This is also a must-see spot in your travels. They are located next door to Datz at 2602 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa. You call them at 813-902-1979 to place an order. Their store hours vary but they are open 7 days a week.


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