Kesh Restaurant & Deli

Today the fam and I visited a new local spot. Kesh Restaurant & Deli opened three months ago in the Alafaya Commons plaza at the corner of Alafaya and East Colonial. The owner is award-winning Chef Jerry Helminski.

The menu changes, and while there Chef said that next week some Asian dishes will be available and Creole dishes the following week. Here was today’s menu…

Everything looked so good, it was hard to decide!

I started with the blue cheese chips.

Wow, were these good. There wasn’t a chip left. Yum!

The hubs tried the Kabosu guacamole and chips.

He really enjoyed this guac which had lots of nice chunks of fresh avocado.

I felt like flatbread…so I chose the Wild Mushroom Flatbread as my entree.

The flatbread itself was soft and fresh. Toppings included shiitake mushrooms, roasted garlic, blue cheese and truffle oil. The flavor was really great.

The hubs opted for the pork soft tacos.

These lovely tacos included pulled pork, pickled onion, cabbage, and red chili sauce. I had to taste these and loved the blend of flavors.

The tot had pasta!

For the first time EVER, the tot enjoyed a pasta and cheese dish that was not made by Kraft. Truly a miracle. We will definitely be back!

If you enjoy a little kick of hot sauce on any of your dishes, there is a selection of different brands available, but I recommend you try the Chef’s own house-made hot sauce. I can’t even say, much less spell, the ingredients but he’ll be happy to relay the info to you when you visit!

I highly recommend you try this new local restaurant soon, so you can tell all of your friends to visit too! UCF students get a 20% discount. Sweet!

Kesh Restaurant & Deli
11768 E. Colonial Dr.

You can also get more info on their website at

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