Food Trucks & National Night Out Day

Last night our church, Christ Church of Orlando, held a National Night Out Day event in partnership with the City Of Orlando. There were so many great parts of this event, but for me, of course, it was all about the food trucks!

I was asked by our church (because they know what I love) to coordinate three trucks for this event. It was a difficult choice because I love so many local trucks. After some feedback from the ‘committee and powers that be’ I was fortunate enough to book….

The Crepe Company

The Ice Cream Social Club

And CaroBama BBQ

Everyone enjoyed this community event and got the opportunity to visit three great food trucks.

Here were my selections from last night. First from CaroBama BBQ, the awesome ‘Carobama’…

All you need to know is “pulled pork” and “white sauce”. Great spicy sandwich.

The hubs tried the Palmetto…

I had a bite and all I can say is “holy flavor explosion”. Wow. Loved it.

Next, I helped the tot with her strawberry, chocolate chip and marshmallow crepe.

I have not been able to take the best pictures of the inside of a crepe, where all the yummy goodness is, but anyway you look at it, The Crepe Company does crepes right.

Last, but not least, cold treats for a hot night from The Ice Cream Social Club.

I went with the classic ice cream sandwich; vanilla ice cream between two huge homemade chocolate chip cookies.

The tot and I (again) shared a scoop of double chocolate ice cream (for her) & caramel ice cream (for me).


Needless to say, I left this event stuffed, and filled with info about community crime awareness and prevention. It was a perfectly planned and executed event by the awesome folks at Christ Church.

I look forward to any other opportunity I’m given to serve our community and church body. Especially if involves filling those bodies with food truck fare!

Yep. I’m kinda obsessed.

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