My Family’s Chicken

A new local spot has opened on Michigan Street, just east of Orange Avenue, called My Family’s Chicken.

This new restaurant serves Peruvian fare, and already has gained popularity on Facebook and a few community message boards for their Peruvian chicken. They regularly sell out.

Tonite, I felt like eating at home but when I saw a post on Facebook that My Family’s Chicken had just pulled their last batch of chicken out of the oven…I knew I was sending the hubs for take-out.

I wasted no time in calling and reserving our whole chicken combo. A combo includes a whole chicken…

french fries…

and salad (romaine, tomato, and dressing).

A few sauces were included, a pesto, a spicy mayo and another sauce I didn’t get a name for. All were good, but the juicy chicken had a great blend of spices already. It was really tasty all by itself.

I can’t wait to visit the restaurant to try more dishes soon!

My Family’s Chicken
517 E. Michigan St.

You can check them out on Faceook too:

(Logo from My Family Chicken’s Facebook page.)

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