Peterbrooke Chocolatier Winter Park

Fall treats are out at Peterbrooke! A humongous chocolate turkey, cookies shaped like pumpkins and ghosts,

…and lots of chocolates shaped like skulls and brains and letters spelling “boo”!

This display shows their chocolate footballs.

Chocolate covered apples…

And lots of gifts to choose from…

Today, however, I was on a mission to try the new “broissant”, Peterbrooke’s version on the croissant doughnut.

Kevin got to work when I arrived to prepare the newly chosen seasonal broissant, pumpkin cheesecake.

It comes with a lovely dollop of whipped cream…

Amazing! So good! It was still warm. This is probably my favorite croissant donut EVER! Absolutely loved the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake broissant!

I had to try one of each so hold on there’s more yum to come.

Here is the Ceylon cinnamon and sugar broissant…

The sea salt, caramel and dark chocolate broissant…(easily my second favorite)…

And the peanut butter butter butter and chocolate broissant.

I don’t know how you could choose just one, so get one of each like I did and share! Someone will love you because you did…guaranteed.

These beauties take four hours to make and they are made fresh daily. If you plan to visit, I suggest you call and place an order a day ahead so they are sure to have them in stock.

Peterbrooke is located at 300 S. Park Avenue in Winter Park.

Get yourself some of the best chocolate in town from some of the best people in town!

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