Cave Inn BBQ

I’ve been following Cave Inn BBQ on Twitter for a while, and was definitely looking forward to visiting soon, but even more so after learning they were offering brunch. (I’m always looking for great family brunch options for the weekend.)
 We visited Cave Inn BBQ this past Sunday and not only enjoyed great food, but had excellent service and learned a lot about how they prepare many of their dishes. (Think slow cooked meat versus the familiar smokehouse BBQ.)
 We started with the “Humongous Fungous” appetizer of large stuffed mushrooms, topped with havarti cheese.

They also have a couple of salads, a chilled vegetable soup, and their spicy psilopterus (chicken) wings as starter options.
 I ordered The Raptor sandwich, beef brisket topped with a vinegar based purple cabbage slaw (with a hint of coconut to make it sweet) and served on Naan bread, and a side of sweet tubor tots.

The beef was tender and juicy, and the slaw provided a nice crisp, sweet addition. I really liked the flavor of this sandwich.
 The Cave Inn offers a few unique BBQ sauces. I enjoyed the La Brea Tar Pit sauce, their original sweet heat sauce. Other options include their Prehistoric Passion (cranberry spice), Cocoa Indulgence (chocolate), Paleo Paradise (pineapple pepper), Cro-Magnon Marmalade (orange spice), and Flint Rock Fruit (apple butter).
 The hubs ordered the Cave Inn Cristo, Cave Inn’s version of the famous Monte Cristo sandwich.

This sandwich was delicous! Not only was the batter light and sweet, but the pork and beef were cooked to perfection. Additionally, housemade apricot sauce accompanied this sandwich, and was lightly drizzled over it. Great combination!
 As a side for his sandwich, he also ordered the pungent lily rings.

These are thinly sliced, seasoned, crisped sweet onions and they are AWESOME! I definitely recommend you either have these as a side, or order some atop your favorite sandwich.
 The tot ordered from the Cave Kids brunch menu, and had the chocolate chip ‘slate cake’ with a side of fruit.

Cute dinosaur shaped pancakes were a fun brunch treat.
 We made the decision to eat half of our sandwiches so we could leave room for dessert. (This was a difficult decision because the food was so good!) There were a few desserts that looked interesting so we’re going to have to return to try them, but on this visit the hubs and I opted to split the peanut butter pie with oreo crust. Yum!

The tot had chocolate gelato. Sweet!

There is a dessert called the Neolithic Dream that sounds really cool…coconut cream gelato laced with cinnamon, served over a drizzle of Cocoa Indulgence sauce (one of the above named sauces that is made with chocolate), and topped with habanero coconut! There’s also a coconut cream pie, and a chocolate mouse dessert that is supposed to be incredible as well.
 There are some great items on the menu that I can’t wait to try for dinner, so we will definitely be visiting again. If you have any questions about the food or sauces, Scott, the in-house bartender is an excellent resource. We met the general manager, Rich, on our visit and he was also very helpful and answered a lot of our questions. We thoroughly enjoyed our first time here.
 I highly recommend you visit the Cave Inn BBQ for brunch or dinner soon! They also serve lunch from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm and have some great specials.
 A special chocolate and mint treat comes with your check too!

Sweet rocks! Very clever little surprise ending to a wonderful meal.
 Cave Inn BBQ is located at 13848 Tilden Road, Winter Garden in the Shoppes at Winward Cay. You can follow them on Twitter at @Cave InnBBQ and get 15% off for joining their mailing list at
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