Disney Fantasy cruise – dinner – night 4

Our fourth night aboard the Disney Fantasy, it was pirate night!

We ate at Animator’s Palate and were greeted with pirate ship napkins. Fun!

I started this evening with the Pirates Golden “Pot Stickers”.

The Tamarind-Ginger Soy sauce was a perfect accompaniment.

Next, I had the Caribbean-style conch chowder.

It had bacon! Yum!

The hubs chose The Dutchman’s Dijon crusted sirloin of beef.

Great presentation.

I enjoyed my Mahi Mahi, served over rice and garnished with a thin crispy plantain.

There were some great options for dessert, but you can probably guess my choice by now.

First, the hubs had the rum soaked chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

I selected the trio of temptations.

Tonight’s trio was a soft-centered merengue, fruit cobbler, and chocolate cake. I don’t care for merengue but the cobbler was definitely my favorite.

Two more tasty nights to go! I hope you’re enjoying this journey as much as I am enjoying remembering my cruise vacation!

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Disney Fantasy Cruise – Lunch in St. Maarten

There are a lot of great restaurants on both the Dutch and French side of this beautiful island. Our tour of the island ended on the Dutch side.

Several restaurants, including Enoch’s and Rosemarie’s were recommended. We went with Cisca’s.

This little shop had outside eating only, as you can see the size of their shop. The kitchen’ was upstairs.

I order a stuffed crab claw. The seasoning was amazing. Spicy but not overdone.

There was lots of fresh crab meat tucked inside this claw.

The hubs ordered ribs. They came with a generous amount of rice, a small salad, a conch fritter, fresh avocado, veggies and a plantain.

LOTS of food at a great price. Definitely check them out.
 We did get a taste of the French side at the port.

Maison Pradier has a little spot in a small shopping area at the port.

They had a nice selection of macarons.

We had a lovely day in St. Martin/St. Marteen.

Next post will be dinner on our fifth night. Stay tuned!
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Disney Fantasy Cruise – dinner – night 3

We ate at the The Royal Court for dinner on the third evening of our cruise.

Again, I apologize for not getting pictures of my menu for details on these dishes.

My starter this evening was stuffed mushrooms,

followed by a delicious French onion soup.

My entree was a breaded and seasoned salmon filet over mashed potatoes and kale.

The hubs had duck breast, mashed potatoes and a pickled cabbage and onion slaw.

For dessert, the tot had cupcakes.

I had a trio of temptations again. This trio consisted of cheesecake, creme brûlée topped with strawberries, and a chocolate torte with raspberry drizzle.

This next dessert looks divine and I wish I could remember more than the vanilla sauce that accompanies it.

Bear with me folks; it’s going to be a bumpy few blog posts.

Next installment will be a few dishes from the restaurants we visited in St. Martin/St.Maarten. (And I took pics of the menu! Yay, me!)

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Disney Fantasy Cruise – dinner – night 2

Dinner on our second night took place at the Enchanted Garden restaurant aboard the Disney Fantasty.

This lovely garden setting has a beautiful Mickey fountain.

My first course this evening was a savory mushroom tart.

This tart contained applewood smoked bacon and wild mushroom served over creamy leeks. I really enjoyed this appetizer.

My husband enjoyed the North Atlantic lobster ravioli.

This lobster pasta was made with garlic and sweet basil and served in a light tomato broth.

Next, this dish was called a Wedge but looked more like a deconstructed Caesar salad.

Romaine, fresh tomatoes, creamy Romano and spiced croutons. It was tasty.

For my entree I ordered the caramelized sea scallops.

This dish was served with roasted asparagus, sun-dried tomato cous-cous, and creamy leeks in a red wine veal jus. Great flavor and perfectly cooked scallops.

The hubs enjoyed prime rib this evening.

This slow roasted carved prime rib was served with thyme roasted veggies, double baked potato, natural jus and horseradish.

The tot chose the classic Mickey bar for dessert this evening. You can see our young table-mate (Hi Eric) was eyeing this too!

We were served a selection of fruit gelatin and chocolate from the chef. Sweet treat!

I don’t remember ordering two desserts, so I believe this belonged to a member of a family we shared our table with. (Thanks Evan or Kari!) This is a sacher tort with apricot sauce.

The hubs ordered the warm sticky date pudding.

This dessert was served with vanilla ice cream on a butterscotch sauce with a philo crunch.

I, of course, needed the tempting trio of desserts.

From left to right, a sacher tort, an Esterhazy cake and strawberry cheesecake.

Our server, I Made (pronounced “E-mah-DAY”) from Indonesia was wonderful. Not only a professional in the service industry but also a man of many talents and beautiful stories from his homeland. He made origami flying swans for each child at our table.

And our maître de, Ali, made table napkin hats for the kids too.

I attempted to replicate a Jasmine-esque napping arrangement for my daughter that Ali made for another child but alas, I am not skilled.

(Though from this pic you can see she enjoyed her Mikey bar.)

The Enchanted Garden is lovely and we even ate once at this location for breakfast.

Four more nights of dinner to come, and a return visit to each of the restaurants we’ve visited. Can’t wait to bring you more delicious dishes!

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Disney Fantasy Cruise – Lunch at Royal Court day 3

On the third day of our week-long Disney cruise, we ate lunch at The Royal Court instead of hitting up the buffet at Cabanas.

This dining room is gorgeous and dedicated to several of the Disney Princesses. Since I didn’t get pics of the dining room, I will share a few other pics.

On to the food! I began with a seafood sampler appetizer.

Sweet cracked crab legs, shrimp, and scallops.

My entree was a delicious traditional meatloaf with mashed potatoes and crisp, steamed veggies.

Now, I have to admit that I forgot to get pics of our menus at each because of the cool Disney Cruiseline app we used aboard the ship that provided menus for each restaurant. I came home and realized the app only works onboard. Whoops!

So here is my best attempt at remembering this dessert…

A yummy chocolate something-or-other in a vanilla sauce.

(I do promise to blog adequately in my Twitter bio. ::insertcheesygrin::)

Hope you enjoyed this installment of our cruise fare. Dinner night 2 is coming soon!

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Disney Fantasy Cruise – Dinner Night 1

I love to cruise! After cruising the Disney Dream in February we booked another for the week prior to Christmas. Seeing the Fantasy decked out in Christmas decor was awesome. More awesome, the food!

Best sail-away buffet on the high seas is provided by Cabanas.

In-season, there are snow crab legs. This sailing they had crab claws. I preferred the bacon-wrapped salmon, veggies and some cheddar mash.

Just a little snack before the real eating began. Soon our 3 or 4 course meals would start in one of three amazing restaurants onboard.

On Disney cruise ships you switch dining rooms each night, with your servers following you to each new place. On our cruise last week, we started with Animator’s Palate.

I began with the Black Truffle Pasta Purseittes.

Pasta purses filled with truffle scented cheese and coated with champagne sauce.

Next I enjoyed a cup of creamy butternut squash soup.

This soup was topped with chives and drizzled with sour cream. Divine.

My child enjoyed her entree of Mickey Mac-n-cheese with fries, peas and a ketchup Mickey!

My entree choice was Ginger-Teriyaki dusted Angus beef tenderloin.

This tasty tenderloin was served on wasabi mashed potatoes with bok choy and a tamarind barbecue reduction.

The hubs chose an herb crusted veal tenderloin.

This roasted veal chop was brushed with Dijon mustard and crusted with herbed breadcrumbs and served with sun-dried tomato risotto and a Barolo wine sauce.

I finished this first nights meal with a dessert trio.

This tempting trio consisted of a raspberry tart topped with merengue, a vanilla cheesecake/chocolate cake topped with whipped cream, and a mango mousse. Disney knows how to do desserts! All three were perfection.

I hope you enjoyed this first look at our Disney Fantasy dining experience. I will feature the second of three restaurants in my next post, and will blog about all six nights of dining, as well as restaurants visited off the ship! (And also my favorite room service dish!)

Stay tuned!

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A Tapas Event at ‘Kesh Restaurant

If you have been following my blog or following my posts on @Twitter for very long, you’ve seen my pics and posts about ‘Kesh. The quality, variety and uniqueness of the dishes I’ve experienced here is far and above what I’ve encountered elsewhere in Orlando. This is especially true for the Saturday Supper Club events held at ‘Kesh every other weekend. So when the opportunity came up to attend a special tapas event at ‘Kesh, I was in!
 Let’s get to the first of our nine courses! (That’s right…4 more than the usual supper club menu. Thankfully, I came hungry.)
 We started with these delicious meatballs…

These consisted of pork, beef, and veal, mixed with live bread crumbs and garlic, in sherry vinegar, topped with almonds.
 Next, we had a tempura fried chorizo with a sapphron cheese dip.

These little bites were perfect, and the dip was wonderful.
 We moved on to our next dish…

Roasted corn, Mexican cream with lime juice, salt and pepper, topped with house queso fresco and cumin. House made pita chips were supplied for dipping, but some of us enjoyed it by the spoonful! (I may have missed a few ingredients of this particular dish but we can’t give away all of Chef Jerry’s secrets!)
 Drink pairings of wine and beer also accompanied each dish. With this one, a cinnamon margarita!

We aren’t even halfway done folks. Let’s continue…
 This next dish involved two items I don’t eat. However, I have never been disappointed by any dish at ‘Kesh yet, so I gave Chef Jerry the benefit of my serious doubt and dug in!

This is an Asian style guacamole with togarashi, topped with fish roe, and black and white sesame seeds, served with English cucumbers. The spice of this dish was incredible, and I enjoyed the crisp cucumber slices versus a chip. I don’t think I’d eat guacamole and cucumbers anywhere else! (The drink with this dish was a ginger saki cocktail.)
 We continued our tapas adventure and moved on to this beautiful treat…

A perfectly marbled, seared beef tataki, in a marinade of ponzu, soy and citrus, with crushed red pepper, and topped with sesame seeds, scallions, shaved cabbage, pickled onions and a grated marinated radish. Wow!

Our sixth dish was a Moroccon flatbread, Japanese tataki style, topped with seared lamb, chick pea hummus and cucumber. A garnish of Harissa chili paste was a spicy addition only for the brave. It was quite hot!
 This lovely Moroccan dish…

contained a similarly Moroccan harira ragu, or stew, over couscous.

Our final savory dish was a delicious gnocchi.

This lovely potato gnocchi was served in a port wine cream and topped with bacon and torched gorgonzola.
 Our final dish was, of course, dessert! And this one was unique.

First, Chef Jerry’s amazing Mexican sipping chocolate topped with sea salt.

Rich and divine!
 And this is a chocolate tamale.

This tamale was filled with dried dates and prunes, and topped with house made queso fresco.
 An incredible sampling prepared for a select few. You should be sure to book a Supper Club event and book early. You can find previous menus at the ‘Supper Club’ tab on KeshRestaurant.com. You can also follow Chef Jerry on @Twitter to see his daily (and changing) menu @KeshRestaurant.
 ‘Kesh Restaurant is located at 11768 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando.
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