A Tapas Event at ‘Kesh Restaurant

If you have been following my blog or following my posts on @Twitter for very long, you’ve seen my pics and posts about ‘Kesh. The quality, variety and uniqueness of the dishes I’ve experienced here is far and above what I’ve encountered elsewhere in Orlando. This is especially true for the Saturday Supper Club events held at ‘Kesh every other weekend. So when the opportunity came up to attend a special tapas event at ‘Kesh, I was in!
 Let’s get to the first of our nine courses! (That’s right…4 more than the usual supper club menu. Thankfully, I came hungry.)
 We started with these delicious meatballs…

These consisted of pork, beef, and veal, mixed with live bread crumbs and garlic, in sherry vinegar, topped with almonds.
 Next, we had a tempura fried chorizo with a sapphron cheese dip.

These little bites were perfect, and the dip was wonderful.
 We moved on to our next dish…

Roasted corn, Mexican cream with lime juice, salt and pepper, topped with house queso fresco and cumin. House made pita chips were supplied for dipping, but some of us enjoyed it by the spoonful! (I may have missed a few ingredients of this particular dish but we can’t give away all of Chef Jerry’s secrets!)
 Drink pairings of wine and beer also accompanied each dish. With this one, a cinnamon margarita!

We aren’t even halfway done folks. Let’s continue…
 This next dish involved two items I don’t eat. However, I have never been disappointed by any dish at ‘Kesh yet, so I gave Chef Jerry the benefit of my serious doubt and dug in!

This is an Asian style guacamole with togarashi, topped with fish roe, and black and white sesame seeds, served with English cucumbers. The spice of this dish was incredible, and I enjoyed the crisp cucumber slices versus a chip. I don’t think I’d eat guacamole and cucumbers anywhere else! (The drink with this dish was a ginger saki cocktail.)
 We continued our tapas adventure and moved on to this beautiful treat…

A perfectly marbled, seared beef tataki, in a marinade of ponzu, soy and citrus, with crushed red pepper, and topped with sesame seeds, scallions, shaved cabbage, pickled onions and a grated marinated radish. Wow!

Our sixth dish was a Moroccon flatbread, Japanese tataki style, topped with seared lamb, chick pea hummus and cucumber. A garnish of Harissa chili paste was a spicy addition only for the brave. It was quite hot!
 This lovely Moroccan dish…

contained a similarly Moroccan harira ragu, or stew, over couscous.

Our final savory dish was a delicious gnocchi.

This lovely potato gnocchi was served in a port wine cream and topped with bacon and torched gorgonzola.
 Our final dish was, of course, dessert! And this one was unique.

First, Chef Jerry’s amazing Mexican sipping chocolate topped with sea salt.

Rich and divine!
 And this is a chocolate tamale.

This tamale was filled with dried dates and prunes, and topped with house made queso fresco.
 An incredible sampling prepared for a select few. You should be sure to book a Supper Club event and book early. You can find previous menus at the ‘Supper Club’ tab on KeshRestaurant.com. You can also follow Chef Jerry on @Twitter to see his daily (and changing) menu @KeshRestaurant.
 ‘Kesh Restaurant is located at 11768 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando.
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5 thoughts on “A Tapas Event at ‘Kesh Restaurant

  1. That looked amazing!!! I try to make it to everything Kesh is offering , but I didn’t get this offering til too later and had a previous engagement but still would have tryed to make it!!! Lol glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you at the next you can make( I know the next one your gone but…). We will be there!!! And the next if possible 🙂

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