Disney Fantasy Cruise – dinner – night 3

We ate at the The Royal Court for dinner on the third evening of our cruise.

Again, I apologize for not getting pictures of my menu for details on these dishes.

My starter this evening was stuffed mushrooms,

followed by a delicious French onion soup.

My entree was a breaded and seasoned salmon filet over mashed potatoes and kale.

The hubs had duck breast, mashed potatoes and a pickled cabbage and onion slaw.

For dessert, the tot had cupcakes.

I had a trio of temptations again. This trio consisted of cheesecake, creme brûlée topped with strawberries, and a chocolate torte with raspberry drizzle.

This next dessert looks divine and I wish I could remember more than the vanilla sauce that accompanies it.

Bear with me folks; it’s going to be a bumpy few blog posts.

Next installment will be a few dishes from the restaurants we visited in St. Martin/St.Maarten. (And I took pics of the menu! Yay, me!)

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