Disney Fantasy Cruise – Lunch in St. Maarten

There are a lot of great restaurants on both the Dutch and French side of this beautiful island. Our tour of the island ended on the Dutch side.

Several restaurants, including Enoch’s and Rosemarie’s were recommended. We went with Cisca’s.

This little shop had outside eating only, as you can see the size of their shop. The kitchen’ was upstairs.

I order a stuffed crab claw. The seasoning was amazing. Spicy but not overdone.

There was lots of fresh crab meat tucked inside this claw.

The hubs ordered ribs. They came with a generous amount of rice, a small salad, a conch fritter, fresh avocado, veggies and a plantain.

LOTS of food at a great price. Definitely check them out.
 We did get a taste of the French side at the port.

Maison Pradier has a little spot in a small shopping area at the port.

They had a nice selection of macarons.

We had a lovely day in St. Martin/St. Marteen.

Next post will be dinner on our fifth night. Stay tuned!
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