Disney Fantasy cruise – dinner – night 4

Our fourth night aboard the Disney Fantasy, it was pirate night!

We ate at Animator’s Palate and were greeted with pirate ship napkins. Fun!

I started this evening with the Pirates Golden “Pot Stickers”.

The Tamarind-Ginger Soy sauce was a perfect accompaniment.

Next, I had the Caribbean-style conch chowder.

It had bacon! Yum!

The hubs chose The Dutchman’s Dijon crusted sirloin of beef.

Great presentation.

I enjoyed my Mahi Mahi, served over rice and garnished with a thin crispy plantain.

There were some great options for dessert, but you can probably guess my choice by now.

First, the hubs had the rum soaked chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

I selected the trio of temptations.

Tonight’s trio was a soft-centered merengue, fruit cobbler, and chocolate cake. I don’t care for merengue but the cobbler was definitely my favorite.

Two more tasty nights to go! I hope you’re enjoying this journey as much as I am enjoying remembering my cruise vacation!

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