Eating in the New Year at ‘Kesh

This past year you’ve seen many posts from my visits to ‘Kesh. It seems the old saying ‘you can never get too much of a good thing’ is true. I thoroughly enjoy ‘Kesh for any meal but I especially love the Supper Club events hosted by Chef Jerry Kaminski. I haven’t blogged each event, but I have posted all of the dishes to Foodspotting. The people that I’ve come to know, who are repeat attenders of the Supper Club events like me, are fantastic folks and really complete the overall experience.

So what better place to eat in the New Year than with new friends at ‘Kesh.

The night started with a glass of champagne, raspberry liqueur, and finished with blue curaçao foam.

I like champagne, and the added sweetness complimented the taste without being overpowering.

Our first appetizer this evening was ‘one-bite’ payaya.

Each perfectly prepared bite contained saffron rice, topped with a seared sea scallop and cilantro pesto.

Next, a honey-griddled, smoked sausage skewer, with a braised mushroom, fuego and siracha.

Our first course was presented as Chef Helminski’s ‘Surf & Turf’. This dish of lobster (cured between dried seaweed), with marinated cucumbers, organic red miso and shaved beef, was a unique and excellent dish.

Our next course was a creamed white asparagus soup with white truffle oil, black pepper, and a white asparagus salad and green onion topping.

This is one of the best soups I’ve ever had at ‘Kesh. Some of these soups should be special menu items!

Next up, we enjoyed a fried oyster with spinach, similar to oysters Rockefeller.

Along side the oyster, baby arugula with a raspberry and Pernod vinaigrette, topped with goat cheese and pickled onions.

Chef Jerry prepared a special ‘Shrimp & a cocktail’.

The cocktail consisted of Bloody Mary mix, Fat Cat hot sauce (papaya picante), fora kaki, and house-made eel sauce.

The cooked shrimp was poached in vodka, seasoned with wasabi, fora kaki, and house-made eel sauce. An outstanding concoction! I absolutely loved this spicy, saucy, shrimp cocktail!

Our final entree was beef Wellington.

A seared prime beef tenderloin, topped with ground Shitaki and a puff pastry crisp, on white and green asparagus and fingerling potato hash in a lamb and beef au jus.

We finished our evening with a ‘Champagne & Strawberries’ dessert.

A dipped strawberry infused with saffron cilantro champagne in panna cotta.

I began this blogging adventure in 2013 and look forward to all the new year will bring. Thanks for taking this journey with me! Keep up with my tweets and RTs about local restaurants and food truck locations at @_weallgottaeat on @Twitter.

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