Curbside Chef Eat Street Filming

As you’ve come to know, I LOVE food trucks! One of the best in Orlando, Curbside Chef, was chosen for filming by the Food Network show “Eat Street” on their most recent visit to Central Florida.

I was able to be there to support this awesome food truck, as well as to enjoy some of their fantastic food.

One of my favorite dishes by Curbside is the ‘Bird’s nest’ brioche French toast.

Brioche French toast with an over easy egg in the middle, topped with syrup, vanilla glaze, orange zest, bacon, and strawberry and mint garnishes. Ridiculously good!
 There were other dishes prepared for the day of filming, including this amazing whole fish (tilapia).

Also, chicken adobo tacos.

And their great pot stickers and edamame are consistently a favorite.

And check out these mussels and risotto in coconut milk.

A special dish that I must have in the near future is the King Pho soup.

This looker and smelled incredible and it’s definitely a dish to share.
 (This was beautifully photographed by @Droolius so check him out on @Twitter for a better pic than mine.)
 If you have an opportunity, please try any dish by @CurbsideChef. Chef Clarito is an incredibly talented chef. And he and his wife Bonnie are truly good people!
 It was a pleasure and an honor to be included in this awesome opportunity. Can’t wait to see Curbside Chef, along with a few more of Orlando’s best food trucks on Eat Street.
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