A #sandwicheatup event at Yellow Dog Eats

I love going to eat at a cool local restaurant for the first time. Last week I had the pleasure to visit Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha.

If you don’t know about the #sandwicheatup events hosted by Anthony “Biggie” Bencomo of Deli Fresh Threads, you need to check him out on @Twitter and Instagram to check out his cool local brand, @DeliFreshThrds.
 This #sandwicheatup was a great opportunity to see other local bloggers and foodies, and enjoy a meal together.
 I had a hard time deciding what to get. The menu had a ton of selections that all looked good! I took a few pics of food that other folks were eating to give you an idea of some of the other options at Yellow Dog Eats.

(Seriously need to try those nachos!)
 I finally made a decision, and went with the Puppy Love sandwich (and had them add fluff).

This sandwich was awesome! It was made of peanut butter, strawberry preserves, chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff, sliced strawberries and bananas on wheat bread (so, it’s kinda healthy, right?)!

And how cute is it that they serve this sandwich with Animal Crackers!
 I had to have something savory with all this sweet, so I opted for a side of the BBQ bacon potato salad!

Oh my word was this good. Instead of a mayonnaise based salad, this had spicy mustard. It was spicy and fantastic!
 Yellow Dog Eats has cool, funky decor. Here are some pics of the inside.

They have a litte area where they sell their sauces, and in the corner, a little bar. (Try the strawberry mojito, it’s excellent!)

They have a great outside “garden” or patio area where you can eat as well. It would be awesome to eat inside that VW van! Groovy!

It also has a pretty cool history…

You definitely need to make the trip out – – it’s basically right off of 408 and Good Homes Road (take Good Homes to Old Winter Garden, and turn onto Hempel off of Old WInter Garden)! It’s worth it!

(This pic via Google)
 You can also find Yellow Dog Eats on @Twitter at @YellowDogEats!
 Woof woof!
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