B’s Cupcakes in Winter Park

I finally visited B Cupcakes in Winter Park. You know if there’s a new cupcake spot, I’ve got to get there. There’s been quite a buzz about B’s!


I specifically made a beeline after work a few weeks ago to be sure not to miss their March special, the Boston Crème cupcake.
boston creme.jpg
This cupcake was totally worth the drive in rush hour traffic from Disney! The vanilla cupcake was super moist, the rich, creamy chocolate was divine. The sweet cream was a perfect blend with the chocolate, and not only topped this cupcake but was squeezed inside. Loved this cupcake!

I took a few more selections to sample. Here’s the assorted bunch.
assorted cupcakes.jpg
From top left, clockwise, white chocolate raspberry, key lime, strawberry and salted caramel. Loved them all!

They have a generous selection of cupcakes…
case pic.jpg
and mini cupcakes…
as well as a milk bar!
milk bar.jpg

You can find B Cupcakes on @Twitter at @BCUPCAKESLLC.

I visited their second location at 127 W. Fairbanks Ave. in Winter Park. (Just West of the 7-11.) Parking is a bit tight and is shared with a cross-fit site…which made me giggle as I walked through the parking lot with my goodies while folks were doing their heavy lifting.  Their original location is 3030 E. Semoran Blvd., Suite 196, Apopka, FL 32703.

Their website is bcupcake.com.  Make a trip soon to either location and pick up some sweet treats!


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