Chianti’s Pizza & Pasta

We drove out to Sanford to try Chianti’s after following them on Twitter and seeing some pics of their dishes.  They say that men are more visual, but when it comes to food, I believe the sexes are equal.  We are all drawn to food by tantalizing photos.  So, I’ll share what we had and show you some pics that will hopefully whet your appetite.
First, our server brought out some freshly made, warm garlic knots with housemade marinara sauce.  


In restaurants that offer garlic knots, they are generally listed as an appetizer, however, our server advised that Chianti’s offers complimentary garlic knots to its guests.  I was already happy…

The menu is pretty extensive and offers many great options.  We ordered a couple of appetizers to share, since we invited my folks out to eat with us.  First, the Mozzarella Fritta.


This fried cheese is whole milk battered mozzarella and comes with housemade marinara sauce.

Next, calamari.


Lightly battered and served with Chianti’s housemade marinara sauce and a delicious basil aioli sauce.

I ordered a Meatball Parmesan sandwich.



Chianti’s describes this as their “awesome meatball hero smothered with mozzarella cheese” and served with their housemade marinara sauce.  I chose a house salad as a side.

 My husband ordered Veal alla Parmiggiana, served over al-dente linguine.


My folks shared a small (but as you can see, it’s not that small) pepperoni and hamburger pizza…


and a small house salad.


The salad was made of romaine, cucumbers, tomato, mozzarella cheese and kalamata olives.

(Chianti’s also offers a gluten free pizza for those so inclined.)

We look forward to visiting Chianti’s again soon.  There are lots of things we want to try…and while we are deciding, we know we’ll have some yummy garlic knots to munch!

Chianti’s Pizza & Pasta is located in Sanford at685 Towne Center Blvd., across the street from the mall and next to a mattress store.  (Where, after eating, would be a good place for a nap.  They really should work a deal with the store to let patrons visit for a rest after their meal.)

You can find Chianti’s on Facebook at and check out their website at  Follow them on Twitter for some delicious pics that will definitely inspire you to visit @chiantispizza.

Also, “We All Gotta Eat” in Italian is “Tutti Dobbiamo Mangiare”.  You should use that to invite your friends to dine at Chianti’s!


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