The Smiling Bison


I know, I know, I’m not the first to get to The Smiling Bison, and you’ve probably visited, but with their decision to open for lunch on the weekend, I was finally able to make an appearance.  And, before I even show you what we had, I intend to return for dinner because…two words…bison filet.  Oh yeah.  I need that in my life.

There were a couple of tempting appetizers, and we chose to start with the Caraway soft pretzels.


It was so good, we managed to eat one and start on the other before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture.  Whoops.  But you get the idea.

So, for lunch, the hubs ordered a bison burger.


This 6 oz. natural bison burger, was topped with garlic aioli, provolone, mushroom ketchup, house bacon, and served on Texas toast. You can add an egg for $2, so of course he did. Gorgeous burger, right?  And so juicy. It’s messy, but worth it!

I learned that Smiling Bison used to be a sausage cart before it became a brick and mortar location, so I opted for the fried chicken sausage sandwich.



The chicken sausage was spicy and tender, and served on Texas toast (split but closed on the bottom so the sausage and contents wouldn’t come out…genius), with Duke’s mayo, and topped with lettuce.  The pickles were a great addition and really made this sandwich.

We both ordered the salt and vinegar fries with our meals.  Oh wow, and I’m not usually a salt and vinegar gal.  These were delish.  They also come with either ketchup or a house made mushroom ketchup.  You’re going to need to try the mushroom ketchup to understand, but it was unique and excellent.


The child got a grilled cheese with regular fries.

We couldn’t squeeze in a dessert, but we are definitely going to have to return for dinner.  So many interesting selections.

The Smiling Bison is located at 745 Bennett Rd., Orlando, in the old Redlight Redlight building, north of Boston Market on Bennett Road.  You can find out more information about them and their menu on their website at, and on Facebook at  Check them out on Twitter as well @smilingbison.

I now know why the bison smiles.


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