Antonio’s Market & Cafe – Maitland

The hubs and I enjoyed a child-free lunch this weekend at Antonio’s Market & Cafe in Maitland. Antonio’s has been in business since 1989 and has a spot downstairs for their deli, market and cafe, while upstairs is reserved for dinner service.

I noticed this little advert for cheese pairing and found that they offer assistance in choosing from their collection of many varieties of wine and champagne, and pairing it with the perfect cheeses from their deli for take-out and parties.

I also learned that you can ask the deli to prepare a cheese plate appetizer (it’s not on the menu), with the option to choose your cheese or have them select options, and in any price range. Here is what they whipped up for us.

(Clockwise) A wedge of mushroom Brie, blueberry Stilton, crackers, aged Gouda, and a creamy bleu cheese. I was in heaven…and was delighted to take home leftovers to enjoy later.

We were also given the suggestion to try an organic pink grapefruit fruit spread with the cheese and crackers and this proved to be an excellent flavorful addition.

We ordered some bruschetta as well, which had a generous amount of tomato.

The hubs ordered chicken parmigiana which came with spaghetti.

The chicken parm was huge. Definitely enough to share or to have leftovers.

I ordered the sausage and pear sandwich.

This sausage sandwich came with sliced pear, Gorgonzola, caramelized red onion, and honey mustard sauce served on a baguette.

I loved this sandwich so much that I am sharing multiple pictures, y’all!

I chose the pasta salad as a side and it was also very good. Again, enough to share or have leftovers. (Especially when you’ve had two appetizers.)

Every bit of the combination of flavors was perfection.

In addition to our constant over-ordering when we get the chance to enjoy food “kid free”, we had to find a few things at the market to sample.

The hubs chose Baci and jelly beans, while I opted for sea salt cashews covered in chocolate and a vanilla croissant.

The market has lots of unique items, from an assortment of imported meats and cheeses, to dips, spreads, cookies, and meals and desserts to go.

If you haven’t been to Antonio’s I definitely recommend you visit for lunch (and I hear dinner is even better). I look forward to visiting again and taking some friends to share with!

Antonio’s Ristorante/Antonio’s Market & Cafe is located at 611 S. Orlando Ave. in Maitland across from Lake Lily. They have other locations as well, so visit their website at You can find them on Twitter at @AntoniosCafe.

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