903 Mills Market

I have lived in Orlando my entire life, and have seen plenty of restaurants come and go. Fortunately, some restaurants stick around and you rediscover them after years!  That’s what happened this weekend when the fam visited 903 Mills Market.  I used to grab lunch to go from this place years ago when I worked downtown.  My co-workers and I would take a leisurely lunch, pick up sandwiches, and head to the nearby lake to lounge and de-stress on our lunch hour.  Good times.

So, when the hubs suggested we stop by 903 Mills Market for breakfast/brunch this past Sunday, I was excited to revisit this great spot.

This gem of a shop is nestled in its neighborhood locale, and offers a family (and pet) friendly venue, with indoor and outdoor seating.

We started our visit with some 903 Queso and tortilla chips.  Sometimes, queso is queso…but I really enjoyed the great mix of flavors in 903’s special cheese and salsa blend.  I would definitely get this again!

The hubs chose an omelito.

This pressed burrito wrap contained eggs, peppers, sausage, onions and cheese.  He also ordered a “potato cake” (hash brown).

I chose the “Crazy Bird” sandwich.

Hot turkey, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce and mayo on sourdough bread usually make up this sandwich, but since we were having breakfast/brunch I added an egg.  Really enjoyed this.  You can choose your bread and customize your sandwich options as well.

They carry a large selection of beverages and had a small case of cookies and cupcakes available.

Here’s part of their menu (I forgot to snap a pic of the back!); there are lots of great options!

903 Mills Market is located at 903 S Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32806.  Their website is http://903millsmarketcafe.com/.  You can also find them on Twitter @903MillsMarket and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/903-Mills-Market/62625427520.

P.S.  They also play great music inside and if you’re lucky, the kitchen karaoke is quite entertaining!

Check them out!  #local #love

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