Sus Hi EatStation


Sus Hi EatStation knows how to throw a VIP party, and I was excited to be invited to party Ninja style!


I brought a friend who loves sushi as much as I do, and we set out to sample all of the selections offered by our hosts!  We acquired our ninja name tags (okay, they were just regular name tags) and set off to explore.


First you choose between a roll, wrap or bowl. (The idea is to create your own, but I wanted to try the “house made” options. So, we started with these four rolls…

The Party Ninja roll


This roll was made with tempura chicken, cheese, bacon, cucumber, and scallions, and toped with spicy mayo, white sauce, eel sauce, sesame seeds and tempura flakes. This was my favorite roll (you can’t go wrong with bacon).

Next, The Vegan Ninja roll


This roll was not really vegan, as we subbed spicy tuna for the tofu that usually makes up this roll.  The rest of the ingredients were cucumbers, sweet potatoes, scallions, almonds, carrots, and sesame seeds.  We asked for avocado on the side.

The next roll, is The Traditional Ninja.


This roll was made with salmon, tuna, cucumber, and avocado.  It usually also contains escolar, but they were out of it this evening.  We also skipped the masago.  Toppings included scallions, tempura flakes, sesame seeds, ponzu and siracha.  We also sampled some seaweed salad, which was excellent!

The next roll was The Workout Ninja.


This roll usually made with brown rice, but we opted for white.  The roll also contains grilled chicken, scallions and cucumbers.  The toppings were carrots, sweet potato, lite spicy mayo and lite spicy white sauce.  Avocado and seaweed salad on the side.

In addition to seaweed salad, there are also a number of side dishes to choose from to accompany your meal, including edamame, ginger salad, miso soup, egg rolls, dumplings and krab rangoons.  (I had the dumplings on a subsequent visit…and they were excellent.  The spicy sauce they are served with is fantastic!)

Now let’s move on to the bowls.  These first two bowls are just a sample of the goodness you too can create.


My bowl was made with steak, krab and white rice, topped with scallions, carrots, bacon, cheese tempura flakes, spicy mayo, white sauce, and ponzu.


The bowls are very filling and I ended up taking most of mine home.  It was great even reheated the following day for lunch.

These awesome Ninjas are sushi making specialists!  Each roll was a work of art.


I met the owners of Sus Hi Eatstation, Robert Ly (Grand Master Fun Ly) and Teresa Tran (Grand Master Miso Eel) at this fun event.


Teresa was happy to pose for a selfie (though I hear Ninjas rarely get captured on film)!


This sweet couple founded Sus Hi Eatstation and have lots of support from family and friends.  They also have a new Ninja fan!  (Me!)  My Yelp check-in on a subsequent visit advised me that I am now a regular.  I wonder how many check-ins until I get my own Ninja name!  I’ll have to work on that.

Please visit Sus Hi Eatstation first chance you get, and create your own unique sushi roll or bowl (or wrap – which you can have tempura fried!).  They are located at 4498 N. Alafaya Trail, St. 324, Orlando 32826.  You can find more info about them at  Also, find them on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter @SusHiEatstation.

(Ninja in Japanese.  Courtesy of

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