Southern Moon Brewery and Smokehouse

Another local food truck has gone brick and mortar!  I was definitely a fan of the Fork In The Road food truck, so I was super excited to visit their new spot in Conway.  Opening day was Father’s Day, and after patiently waiting, me and my family got to lay claim to being the first paying guests on opening day at the new Southern Moon Brewery and Smokehouse!  YAY us!


Located in the former location of Holy Smokes BBQ on Curry Ford, the new Southern Moon Brewery and Smokehouse is right next to the Winn Dixie in the plaza located at Curry Ford and Crystal Lake.

There are sign boards on almost all the walls that list the daily menu, including meats, sides (fixins!) and desserts.


What’s not on the menu is their housemade sodas including, cola, ginger beer, root beer, and cream soda.  We sampled the cream soda, the ginger beer and the cola (not pictured).


This is a shot of the cream soda.  Flecks of vanilla bean decorated the mason jar glass.  This was my favorite of our sampled sodas.

This is the ginger beer.


The refreshing ginger was excellent, and had a slight heat in the aftertaste (maybe a hint of cayenne, I forgot to ask).

Here’s a shot of the bar area.  They offer lots of housemade infusion drinks, we were told.


We decided to sample a few of the meats and went with an order of baby back ribs, brisket and pulled chicken.


There are several sauce selections which come on the side.  We sampled the Bama Q (white sauce), Carolina Q, and Texas Q (a chili based sauce, pictured in the ramekin).

I can’t say which I liked more because all of the choices were great.  Everything was juicy and cooked medium, and wasn’t overly smoky.

There are also side dishes, which are served a la carte.  So many to try, it was hard to decide, so we chose four.  Starting top left and moving clockwise, we chose the fried green tomatoes, baked beans, mac-n-cheese, and biscuits.


All of these sides were great, but I have to say the baked beans were the best I’ve ever eaten.

image 8

And the mac-n-cheese was great too.  (The tot is very particular, and she enjoyed it!)

image 7

We, of course, had to sample some desserts.  So we opted for the chocolate lava cake (to die for),


and donuts with a caramel sauce (so good).


There are several sandwiches I want to try, along with the buffalo chicken wings and pulled pork nachos.  I can’t wait to visit again!  You should get there ASAP before the lines outside start to look like it did for the food truck!

Southern Moon Brewery and Smokehouse is located at 3000 Curry Ford Road in the Winn Dixie Plaza.  You can find them on Facebook at and on Twitter at @southernmoonbrew.

Go get your Q on!







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