Day 1 of road trip vacation food!

I recently took a road trip (June 2014) to North Carolina with my folks and child, while my hubs had to attend a business conference in Arizona.  He apparently ate well too, so I might share some of his pics in one of my posts.

I decided for this trip we would use Yelp to find dining spots as often as possible.  I can honestly say that the majority of our choices turned out very well!  Way to go Yelpers!


Our first stop out of Florida was in St. Mary’s, Georgia. At the back oft small strip mall near a movie theater was a small mom-and-pop shop called Papa Luigi’s Pizza & Subs. It’s not fancy but the staff was welcoming, service was excellent and prices were good.

You get a lot of food for your money here. The sub lunch special includes a six inch, bag of chips and soda for $6.99. These subs are much bigger than six inches, AND the bread is made fresh in-house and toasted.

I chose a meatball sub,


The child had chicken strips and fries (this will be a recurring theme through our trip)


I swear I will be documenting chicken strips across the country. There could be a book deal.

My dad opted for a six inch chicken philly sub,


And my mom chose a six inch veggie sub.


All subs came with chips.  And the value of the meal was great for the price.  I definitely recommend you stop in at this mom and pop place that’s not far off of 95.

They are located at 143 City Smitty Dr, St Marys, GA 31558 (Phone: 912-673-1557) You can find more information about them on Yelp or at


We decided stay in Orangeburg, South Carolina over-night before travelling to our vacation destination in North Carolina.  We asked the staff at the Marriott where they recommended eating.  Since it was later in the evening, a few of the mom and pop places that sounded good had already closed.  So we chose another spot with some help from Yelp.  The Chestnut Grill.

This restaurant serves fresh made croissants drizzled with honey to start your meal.  Mmmm, fresh, warm croissants!


I ordered a crab cake with a side of broccoli (since I wanted to share my dad’s combination).


My mom ordered shrimp and scallops with sliced squash and zucchini.


My dad’s combo included ribs, beef skewered with potatoes and peppers, broccoli covered in a cheese sauce, chicken strips and fries.


The child, of course, had chicken strips…with apples this time.


You can find more information about this restaurant on Yelp or at  They are located at 1455 Chestnut St, Orangeburg, SC 29115 (Phone: 803-531-1747)

Well, I’m finally able to bang out some posts on my vacation.  I hope you enjoyed this one…there are several more to come!  Hope you’re hungry!


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