Day 3 of road trip vacation food – dinner – The Red Onion Cafe

So, by day 3, my (non-food-adventurous) family was tired of my using Yelp to find new and unique places to eat and so, that resulted in my boycotting lunch when the majority decided to eat a chain that is found in Orlando.  I just couldn’t.  By dinner time, I had them back in step and they agreed to try a Yelp recommendation back in Boone.  Yay!

We had driven around the town for a couple of days now and passed a cute little spot I noticed called The Red Onion Café.  I couldn’t pass it by any longer, so on our way back from road tripping on Day 3 (we traveled from North Carolina, to Virginia, back through Tennessee, and finally back to North Carolina) we stopped to eat dinner.  It was a long day and I couldn’t wait to try this place out.  (Boone is very close to where we stayed in Blowing Rock and there are tons of great restaurants to eat in both places.)

We had very attentive and helpful service for dinner, and after taking our drink order we were served warm bread with an olive oil and seasoning for dipping.


My mom decided on a salad, and opted for the house garden salad with mixed greens, red onions, carrots, cucumbers, button mushrooms, and tomatoes.

garden salad

I believe she requested some feta and pepperoncini.  The salad came with a soft roll.

My dad ordered a burger with fries.

burger and fries

I told you there were non-adventurous food types in our party.  My dad likes his burgers plain.

I chose their tuna melt with a side of pasta salad.

tuna melt with pasta salad

The tuna melt comes on an English muffin, is smothered in cheddar cheese and topped with alfalfa sprouts.  The pasta salad came topped with parmesan cheese shavings.  It was very good.

Back to her usual order, the child chose chicken nuggets and a fruit cup.

chicken nuggts and fruit

I really enjoyed our meal at The Red Onion Café and would definitely go back when we visit North Carolina again in December of this year.

The Red Onion Café is located at 227 Hardin St. Boone, NC 28607.  You can read more about them on their website at  They are also on Facebook at and you can follow them on Twitter @Red_Onion_Cafe.

Check them out!


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