Day 7 – road trip/vacation food

Our last morning in Boone, North Carolina and we visited Troy’s 105 Diner for the last time.  You definitely must visit Troy’s if you’re in Boone.  I’m sure we will visit again when we are in North Carolina.  Great food, great prices, and great service.

I ordered a scrambled egg with corned beef hash and a biscuit.

Troy's day 7 corned beef hash

Mom had a mushroom omelet with sliced tomatoes, English muffin and fruit (which the tot ate).

Troy's day 7 egg and tomato

Dad ordered Flo’s Frenchie.  French toast, scrambled eggs and a side of bacon.

Troy's day 7 french toast

The tot enjoyed her chocolate chip pancake.

Troy's day 7 pancake

We decided to leave North Carolina and start our road trip back toward the South.  We stopped in Spartanburg, South Carolina for gas and found a quaint spot nearby called Southern Barbecue.


(Yelpers are truly the best!)

I started off lunch with a Brunswick stew.

brunswick stew

I was so happy to find this on the menu…

fried bologna sandwich 1

a fried bologna sandwich!  Serious Southern eats, y’all!

fried bologna sandwich 2

It was delicious!

The folks shared a rib platter which came with salad, hush puppies and fries.


The tot had ::insertdrumrollandeyerollhere:: chicken strips!

chicken strips

This time, with the fries, she also got to try hush puppies.  She tried one bite and said she liked them…but I don’t remember whether she ate a whole one or not.  I did.  They were yummy.

Back on the road, our next stop was in Dahlonega, Georgia.  My folks have been here a few times and love this little town.  We walked around the square and visited a few shops that were still open when we arrived that evening.

We chose The Bourbon Street Grille for dinner.  This restaurant shares a building with the Hall House Hotel.  Very cute!

restaurant sign

The restaurant décor transports you to New Orleans.  Lights, music, paintings, and furnishings remind me of Louisiana.

restaurant pic

You can dine inside…


or as their menu boasts, out on the balcony overlooking the square.

For dinner I sampled a couple of appetizers.  First, the boudin.


I first sampled boudin balls from The Dixieland Diner Food Truck in Orlando and have been a fan of boudin ever since.  The boudin served at Bourbon Street Grill was good.

Next, I ordered the gator bites.

gator bites

I’ve eaten gator before as well, and enjoyed the flavor and seasoning of this dish.

My mom ordered a chicken po’boy with chips.

chicken po boy

The tot ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with chips.

grilled cheese

Sadly, it was white cheese, so she ended up getting a smoothing at another nearby shop.  (Seriously, she’s my child…I can’t imagine where she’s getting her picky eating habits from.  Her dad thinks it’s the mailman’s fault.  Just kidding!)

I, however, finished my meal, so I tried their Paul Thomas beignet.

Paul Thomas beignet

This delicious beignet was filled with chocolate provided by a local shop called Paul Thomas Chocolates (just a few doors down from the restaurant), and covered with strawberries and confectioners sugar.  Sweet treat!

Since Paul Thomas Chocolates was nearby, we stopped in to visit.

Paul Thomas chocolate store

They have a wide selection of gifts and eats, along their house specialty…Coconut Cashew Crunch.

Paul Thomas chocolate

As you can see from the pic, only 3 candy makers in the U.S. make this treat.  We (and by we, I mean I), of course, bought some to bring home.  (I did share with the hubs.)

Well, 2 more days to come on this adventure.  The road trip/vacation is slowly coming to an end.  The tot and I were looking forward to sharing our stories with the hubs on our return home, and on his return from Arizona.  (He had some good eats too…but, hey, it’s my blog, my eats. Maybe he’ll guest post one day.)

Keep reading…there are some really great spots coming up!


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