Day 8 – road trip/vacation food – Georgia

After enjoying a lovely continental breakfast at our hotel, we traveled to Helen, Georgia for a visit.

Helen is a small little town in Georgia that reminds me a lot of Gatlinburg.  This waterfall, Alana Falls, is near the park at the end of the main street of shops.


There are lots of little shops and it’s definitely a tourist spot, but it’s fun to visit.  Just remember…


They take their noise seriously.

We found a great little grocery spot called Betty’s Country Store.  It was adorable and had lots of unique items, including candied ants and a working bee hive (behind glass of course).


After wandering through shops and taking a horse drawn carriage ride (to escape a drizzle that day), we stopped for lunch at the Old Heidelberg German Restaurant & Lounge.



I ordered the Bratwurstplatte that came with two delicious bratwurst, a side of mashed potatoes and a side of mixed veggies.


We were all so full from breakfast still (and a few snacks we picked up while shopping…nuts, ice cream, jerky…the usual tourist fare), that I couldn’t finish all of this.

The tot shared her chicken strips and fries with her Pepaw.

Chicken strips

Good thing I didn’t finish my lunch though, because Hofer’s Bakery was nearby and on the way to our car…so I stopped in and purchased this lovely German chocolate cake cup.

Hofers Bakery

We made our way from Helen to nearby Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia to make a quick stop into The Lavender Cottage.

phickles 1

This adorable shop carries Phickles Brand products and, after following them on Twitter for a while, I decided to pick up a couple of jars of goodies on our way through Georgia.

phickles 2

I bought some pickles and asparagus!

my phickles

We continued our road trip South to Dunwoody, Georgia and checked into our hotel for the evening.  We found a restaurant nearby for dinner called Taki Japanese Steakhouse.  Similar to Kobe, but no white sauce.

I started with salad (their ginger sauce wasn’t the usual Kobe dressing either),


then soup,


then I enjoyed some chicken, veggies and noodles (I skip the rice).  So much food!


I ordered a special firecracker roll they were offering.  It was really good!


Well, the next post will be the last from my road trip/vacation food adventure.  One last amazing restaurant that was definitely a favorite from this trip!


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