Day 9 – Final day of our road trip/vacation food adventure – Valdosta, GA

Our final stop for lunch comes again at the suggestion of Yelpers.  I’m so thankful for all of you who Yelp and give honest feedback about your experiences.  It really helps me on a regular basis (and especially on this vacation out of town) to find some great spots.

We stopped in Valdosta, Georgia and visited a lovely restaurant called The Steel Magnolia.


I was in love with this restaurant as soon as we walked in.

inside 1

It was a mix of Southern charm and industrial chic.

inside 2

Farm tables with exposed beams and piping, wood floors and a grand staircase leading to it’s upstairs bar and private room available for parties.

It also had counter seating in the front of the restaurant that faced the open kitchen and looked out onto the main thoroughfare.

inside 3

At the second level of the staircase was a bar area with a gorgeous view.

upstairs 2

And up the next staircase was the private room.

upstairs 3

On this day they were having a special birthday party.

upstairs 1

Even more reason to love this restaurant is the food.  I am obsessed.

I ordered a lovely salad…this grilled yellow squash salad with goat cheese, bacon, wild arugula, and basil pesto vinaigrette.


The flavors were heavenly.

I also tried their pulled pork and pimento cheese wontons, with siracha aioli and cabbage confetti.


These were some of the best wontons I’ve ever tasted!  Here’s the inside…

app inside

a delicious, perfect pocket of pork and pimento cheese.  Yum!

My mom ordered the Steel Magnolias fried chicken sandwich with crispy cabbage, confetti, tomato, and garlic aioli on a hoagie roll.  She also ordered a side of yellow squash casserole.

sandwich and side

The squash casserole was incredible.  I could have eaten just the side dish as a meal!

My dad ordered catfish and fries.

fish and fries

There were two lightly breaded filets and my dad really enjoyed the subtle flavor of the seasoned breading.

The tot ordered fried chicken nuggets and fries.


I talk about how much she orders chicken strips and chicken nuggets, but this was an excellent choice.  These fried chicken nuggets were thick, white meat nuggets without excessive breading.  They were delicious!

After filling up on fine foods, we walked to the square and found they were having a small farmers market that day.


We enjoyed visiting local farmers and vendors selling their wares.

farmers market

We even happened upon a booth run by House of Hope, the South Georgia division.  (This organization is beloved by my Stewart family.)

vendor sign

We bought a few items and made a donation.  A great cause.

So this last post from our road trip/vacation food adventure is ending on a different note.  With some personal information.  Don’t worry, it’s not TMI…


Though, the robe is quite revealing, no?  Hahaha.  You can tell, I’m amused.

After we returned home from this vacation I wasn’t feeling well.  Symptoms were not subsiding, so I decided to visit Centra Care and was immediately told to go to the emergency room.  (Because of a history of heart issues in our family, they don’t play around.)  So, after spending the night at the hospital and all heart tests coming back clear (thank God), I was told to follow up with a gastroenterologist.  (Not an exciting prospect for someone who enjoys eating and blogging about food!)  After a consultation and then an endoscopic procedure, it was determined that I have an esophageal ulcer.  Boo.  But, it could be worse.  The only triggers I’ve found so far (sadly and unfortunately) are soda and chocolate.  Since that picture above at the hospital, two months ago this weekend, I haven’t had one soda.  I am proud.  It’s evil.  Now, about one of my favorite things in all the world…chocolate.  ::heavysigh::  I did try it once after this hospital visit and found that it indeed is no longer my friend.  ::sobs::  So, only that one time in the past two months have I dared to eat it.  As of now, I am avoiding both soda and chocolate.  Should my ulcer heal (and believe me, I am praying it does soon) I may be okay to hopefully have some chocolate on occasion.  (I’ll happily forego soda for life.)  For now, I’m following doctor’s orders to avoid triggers.  I don’t want to end up in the hospital again and I do want the ulcer to heal.  Additionally, I’ve had to give up evening food blogger events, as well as eating after 7 or 8 p.m. (it really doesn’t do a body good anyway).  Fortunately, I’m still able to eat a ridiculous variety of fantastic foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner at a reasonable hour…so my blogging will continue!  Hooray!  And all the people said “Amen.”!  (Or at least, I did.)

Thanks for following this journey with me, and I hope you continue following (please subscribe!) and tell your friends to do so!  Because, we all gotta eat!



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