Magical Dining 2014 – K Restaurant Wine Bar

After following Chef Fonzo on Twitter for a while now and drooling over his dishes, as well as Michelle’s desserts, we finally made it in to K Restaurant in College Park.

Here was this year’s Magical Dining menu:


I started with the garden bruschetta appetizer.

garden bruschetta 2

Roasted local vegetables, whipped ricotta cheese, confit tomato and crispy basil with a vinaigrette drizzle.

garden bruschetta 1

Beautiful presentation and wonderful flavors.

The hubs chose the Southern seafood minestrone.

seafood minestrone 1

Clammer Dave’s clams, oysters, shrimp, summer beans, bacon broth and greens.

seafood minestrone 2

Really loved the flavors included in this dish as well.

(I may be repeat myself a lot in this post with “beautiful presentation” and “amazing flavors” comments, but seriously, Chef Fonzo is amazing!)

For my entrée I selected the ricotta gnocchi.

ricotta gnocchi 1

These lovely cheese filled pillowy pockets of pasta were topped with Lake Meadows Farm chicken, roasted summer vegetables and herbs.

ricotta gnocchi  2

A feast for the eyes and palate!

The hubs entrée selection was Roast Palmetto Creek Farm pork tenderloin.

pork tenderloin 2

The pork was served with onion soubise, berry sage preserves and a pinot noir sauce.

pork tenderloin 1


For dessert, the hubs enjoyed the key lime cheesecake…

key lime cheesecake

sprinkled and crusted with graham cracker over mango.

key lime cheesecake 2

Lovely and luscious!

I chose the French toast bread pudding with caramel and anglaise sauce.

french toast bread pudding 2

Our server brought a taste of a 20 year old port to sample with the bread pudding…

bread pudding with port

which was smooth, creamy and perfect.  Excellent suggestion!

Our server at K was very knowledgeable, and in fact, we learned that he is soon testing to be a sommelier.  Good luck!

Thanks to Chef Fonzo for coming out of the kitchen to allow me to gush about how wonderful our meal was!  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit for Magical Dining month.  I can’t wait to visit again soon!

K Restaurant Wine Bar is located at 1710 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL  32804.  You can call (407) 872-2332 for reservations.

You can find more information about K on their website at or their Facebook page at  You can also follow Chef Fonzo on Twitter at @ChefFonzo.




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