Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen and The Brewery

I was invited, along with several local bloggers (and a certain food critic that we all know and love), to preview some menu selections from the new Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen and The Brewery at beautiful JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando.

JW Marriott

The attention to detail was obvious from the moment of our arrival into The Kitchen and The Brewery, and very purposeful in it’s presentation.


I loved the personalized menu and the sweet swag bag!

Table and place mat

I loved the high top tables, and the patterned fabric adorning the bench seating!  Lots of steel, wood and leather accents in rich blue hues.


The Kitchen prep and service area was open to the large room and made it feel homey and welcoming.

Kitchen long

This lovely mural adorns a wall that is book-ended by two farm door style sliders that close together to reveal television sets on either side for prime viewing of sporting events.  There are also televisions atop the bar area.


Some very comfortable options for outdoor seating are available as well.

Outdoor seating

After a few minutes of taking pictures our menu preview began with these warm, freshly made from scratch cheddar and chive biscuits.  The accompanying spreads were an apple moonshine jam (seen left), and pork butter (seen right).


I couldn’t resist the pork butter spread.  Two of my favorite things!  The biscuits were delicious and not too heavy.

biscuit and spread

Then we were treated to a sample of one of the flatbreads on the menu.  This flatbread was topped with a kale pesto, egglplant, gruyere (oh yeah!), balsamic onions, and argula.


I love a flatbread with fresh arugula, and the combination of flavors was delicious.

Flatbread slice

We moved on to our Whisper Creek Farm Harvest Salad.  This was a particular favorite.  Carrots, cherry tomato, onion, broccolini, Brussels sprouts, and Egyptian spinach topped with a citrus ricotta cheese…heavenly.


Talk about farm-to-table ingredients!  These fresh crispy veggies grown on property made my tummy very happy!

Chef Jason shared that his concept for this salad was an even deeper vision than farm-to-table, and he preferred to think of it as “seed-to-plate”, expanding upon the intention of the entire culinary team to have a sustainable experience only available on property at Whisper Creek Farms.

Next we enjoyed a dish of seared grouper over Anson Mills grits, in a slow braised ham hock broth, and topped with spicy, pickled leeks.  A light and flavorful dish.

Fish and grits

Our next dish was a smoked ham and sunny side up fried egg sandwich.  (These eggs come directly from the chickens at Whisper Creek Farms.  Each chicken lays one egg per day, and they currently have 30 chickens and will soon add more.)

Egg sandwich and chips

The house made BBQ chips were seasoned with Whisper Creek Farms competition BBQ rub.  Yeehaw!

Egg sandwich

The ham and egg sammie was topped with avocado and mustard frills, and was placed neatly inside it’s honey pecan roll; though this sandwich did become deliciously messy.

Our final taste was dessert!  This is The Kitchen’s surplus kumquat gelato.


Kumquat marmalade is combined with The Brewery’s surplus IPA (made from the surplus honey created by the resident bees on property).

Surplus gelato

I sampled another gelato offering…apple basil!  It was very sweet but the fresh basil was an excellent palate cleanser.  Very refreshing!

Apple basil gelato

I enjoyed the overall experience of our visit to Whisper Creek Farms: The Kitchen and The Brewery and know that this venture will garner much success at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando from visitors and locals alike.

Check them out soon!

Whisper Creek Farms: The Kitchen and The Brewery
Address: 4040 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837




JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando
Address: 4040 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837
Phone:(407) 206-2300




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