The Dinner Party Project at Aggressive Appliances

You read that right…I attended my first “The Dinner Party Project” event and it was held at…an appliance store!  But not just any appliance store, an awesome, high-end appliance store that has been in business for over 30 years.  Tina made us all feel very welcome at the store, and it was more like attending a dinner party at someone’s home!  Aggressive Appliances is off of E. Colonial Dr. (617 Mercy Dr., Orlando – and has six working kitchens used for a variety of events, including The Dinner Party Project which took place last week.

aggressive appliances

Our guest chef, Mike Garcia, who has previously worked at The Smiling Bison, The Rav Pig and Cask & Larder, had some lovely kitchens at his disposal for this event.


Our table for twelve was set up in the center of the showroom.


menu 2 w table

And each place setting showed us our menu for the evening.

menu 1

We began with drinks prepared by Michael Ring with Old Forester.


onli drink set up w old forester in kitchen

He was kind enough to prepare special non-alcoholic drinks for me…a sweet treat!  My first drink was a strawberry hibiscus punch with lemons and basil, made with Onli (sparkling flavored water –!onli-products).

onli drink 1

Very refreshing!

We began with an hor d’ouevre of “shrimp and grits”.

shrimp and grits grit cakes app 2

This sweet little grit cake was topped with shrimp mousse and pickled onion.  Loved this!

Next, our starters were a cucumber gazpacho with fennel, peppers, cherry tomatoes and micro basil…

cucumber gazpacho

and red beets tartine on grilled sourdough with crème fraiche, dill and radish.

red beets tartine 1

So good I had to take more than one picture!

red beets tartine 3


red beets tartine 2

Michael again created a lovely drink for me (that apparently I sucked down so fast I forgot to take a photo), that was made with green tea, lemon and mint.  It was my favorite drink of the night…and so pretty!  You’ll just have to use your imagination.  I’m still dreaming about it!

Next our entrée, a grilled sweet tea chicken dish with peach mostardo, baked sea island pea puree and a 63 ° egg.

grilled sweet tea chicken

I’m now thinking that grilled sweet tea chicken is something I must learn to make at home ASAP!

My drink with this dish was a homemade apple cider.

apple drink

Last but not least was dessert.  We enjoyed an almond panna cotta with vanilla, lavender, sponge cake and topped with blueberries.

panna cotta

This dessert was light and not too sweet.

Our accompanying drink was a lavender simple soda, and espresso soda and Barnie’s coffee blend, with vanilla bean half and half foam as the whip.

coffee drink

It was a great evening getting to know some local bloggers and enjoy some great food!  What an amazing opportunity and concept.  Long live The Dinner Party Project!

Thanks Dana Roquemore for creating such an awesome event!

You can see more about The Dinner Party Project on Facebook at and follow along on Instagram at _thedinnerpartyproject_.


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