Best Brunch? Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen with a dash of Blue Bird Bake Shop #local #love

This October will mark 35 years that Barnie’s has been headquartered right here in Orlando.  So much is going on to celebrate, I hope you can keep up with all of the news I’m about to share!  Very exciting stuff.  First, be sure you’re following Barnie’s on Twitter at @BarniesCoffee and on Facebook, as well as checking their website at Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen for updates.

For the first time in five years, Barnie’s has redesigned their menu and it is not only gorgeous work by their in-house marketing department but it also contains some tasty new dishes for brunch.

Barnie’s has decided to narrow down their focus to breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch!  They will extend their weekday hours to 5 pm, Friday and Saturday until 8 pm, and the longest running brunch in Orlando continues at Barnie’s from 7:30 am to 6 pm on Sundays!

So before I share more news, I want to show you the deliciousness that I recently previewed from Barnie’s new menus!

There will now be a Sparkling Mimosa Bar available at Barnie’s for those that like a little booze with their brunch.

Barnies Brunch 2

The current flavors are Watermelon Mint, Georgia Peach, Tart Cherry and Classic Florida Orange.  These flavors will swap out seasonally, so try them while they are available and find new favorites when they change!

Barnies Brunch 1

From the breakfast and brunch menu, I enjoyed the Salmon & Bagel.

Barnies Brunch 33

A toasted sesame seed bagel topped with Ducktrap smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, pickled onion, lemon and dill.  Loved this!  I enjoy salmon and lox via room service on cruise vacations, and this took me back to my cabin!  Yum!

Barnies Brunch 4

Also available on the breakfast and brunch menu is the Shakshuka.

Barnies Brunch 35

Tomato ragout, poached eggs, thyme, feta and buttered toast (not pictured).  This poached egg was perfect (all of them were) and quite tasty with the tomato ragout.

Barnies Brunch 28

Next on the breakfast and brunch menu is Greek yogurt and granola.  This wholesome grain and fruit dish contains vanilla granola, Greek yogurt, market berries and Florida mangrove honey!

Barnies Brunch 24

Barnie’s is now enhancing their bakery presence with their newly announced partnership with Blue Bird Bake Shop!  You must visit Blue Bird’s Audubon Park location and check out their amazing offerings…but if you’re out for brunch in Winter Park, you can get some of their goodies at Barnie’s too!  Follow them on Twitter @BlueBirdBakeShp for the lastest info!

Barnies Brunch 37

Barnies Brunch 18

I sampled the Orange Cranberry Scone, the Classic English Scone, and a mini blueberry muffin.  All very tasty, but I am in love with the Orange Cranberry scone!!

Barnies Brunch 17

Chef Camilo again showed us why Barnie’s brunch has become the best.  Here he finishes off the lamb meatballs from the lunch menu.

Barnies Brunch 26

Tomato sauce, goat cheese, and salsa verde top these moist, tender lamb meatballs.

Barnies Brunch 21

Next from the lunch menu, is the coffee braised pork sandwich.

Barnies Brunch 19

The pork is mixed with house-made BBQ sauce and comes on a medianoche bun, and was served with apple fennel slaw and bread and butter pickles.

Barnies Brunch 31

I wanted to show you the pictures I took of the new menu.  Addison Ames, Barnie’s marketing and communications expert extraordinaire, shared with us that the concept of the new menu was like dining at a Global Farmer’s Market, where you take your passport and have it stamped at each stop…with coffee roots branching out to all corners of the global food market.

Barnies Brunch 39

Barnies Brunch 36

Barnies Brunch 40

Barnies Brunch 23

Gorgeous work by the Barnie’s in-house marketing staff!

Another cool feature at Barnie’s is coffee art by Steven Mikel.

Barnies Brunch 6

His watercolor art is created with liquid coffee paint.  It’s amazing!

Barnies Brunch 5

He is currently painting the new Dr. Phillips Center South.  He is incredibly talented.

Barnies Brunch 7

You can find out more about Steven and his coffee art at

Now back to a few news items.  For you die-hard Barnie’s coffee fanatics, there will be a contest to bring back four favorite flavors from their coffee vault!  Vote here!

Barnie’s is now offering Rollins College faculty, staff and students, a 20% discount on all food and drink purchases (with the exception of alcohol)!

And last but not least, this year Barnie’s will celebrate 20 years since their year-round, best selling flavor was first introduced.  That’s right people, Santa’s White Christmas!

Keep up with Barnie’s on social media, you won’t want to miss their anniversary specials!  And visit them soon to try their new menus and enjoy their glorious brunch!  I’ve got mad #local #love for Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen and I hope after you visit, you’ll make them your new “Best Brunch” spot too!