Best Brunch? Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen with a dash of Blue Bird Bake Shop #local #love

This October will mark 35 years that Barnie’s has been headquartered right here in Orlando.  So much is going on to celebrate, I hope you can keep up with all of the news I’m about to share!  Very exciting stuff.  First, be sure you’re following Barnie’s on Twitter at @BarniesCoffee and on Facebook, as well as checking their website at Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen for updates.

For the first time in five years, Barnie’s has redesigned their menu and it is not only gorgeous work by their in-house marketing department but it also contains some tasty new dishes for brunch.

Barnie’s has decided to narrow down their focus to breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch!  They will extend their weekday hours to 5 pm, Friday and Saturday until 8 pm, and the longest running brunch in Orlando continues at Barnie’s from 7:30 am to 6 pm on Sundays!

So before I share more news, I want to show you the deliciousness that I recently previewed from Barnie’s new menus!

There will now be a Sparkling Mimosa Bar available at Barnie’s for those that like a little booze with their brunch.

Barnies Brunch 2

The current flavors are Watermelon Mint, Georgia Peach, Tart Cherry and Classic Florida Orange.  These flavors will swap out seasonally, so try them while they are available and find new favorites when they change!

Barnies Brunch 1

From the breakfast and brunch menu, I enjoyed the Salmon & Bagel.

Barnies Brunch 33

A toasted sesame seed bagel topped with Ducktrap smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, pickled onion, lemon and dill.  Loved this!  I enjoy salmon and lox via room service on cruise vacations, and this took me back to my cabin!  Yum!

Barnies Brunch 4

Also available on the breakfast and brunch menu is the Shakshuka.

Barnies Brunch 35

Tomato ragout, poached eggs, thyme, feta and buttered toast (not pictured).  This poached egg was perfect (all of them were) and quite tasty with the tomato ragout.

Barnies Brunch 28

Next on the breakfast and brunch menu is Greek yogurt and granola.  This wholesome grain and fruit dish contains vanilla granola, Greek yogurt, market berries and Florida mangrove honey!

Barnies Brunch 24

Barnie’s is now enhancing their bakery presence with their newly announced partnership with Blue Bird Bake Shop!  You must visit Blue Bird’s Audubon Park location and check out their amazing offerings…but if you’re out for brunch in Winter Park, you can get some of their goodies at Barnie’s too!  Follow them on Twitter @BlueBirdBakeShp for the lastest info!

Barnies Brunch 37

Barnies Brunch 18

I sampled the Orange Cranberry Scone, the Classic English Scone, and a mini blueberry muffin.  All very tasty, but I am in love with the Orange Cranberry scone!!

Barnies Brunch 17

Chef Camilo again showed us why Barnie’s brunch has become the best.  Here he finishes off the lamb meatballs from the lunch menu.

Barnies Brunch 26

Tomato sauce, goat cheese, and salsa verde top these moist, tender lamb meatballs.

Barnies Brunch 21

Next from the lunch menu, is the coffee braised pork sandwich.

Barnies Brunch 19

The pork is mixed with house-made BBQ sauce and comes on a medianoche bun, and was served with apple fennel slaw and bread and butter pickles.

Barnies Brunch 31

I wanted to show you the pictures I took of the new menu.  Addison Ames, Barnie’s marketing and communications expert extraordinaire, shared with us that the concept of the new menu was like dining at a Global Farmer’s Market, where you take your passport and have it stamped at each stop…with coffee roots branching out to all corners of the global food market.

Barnies Brunch 39

Barnies Brunch 36

Barnies Brunch 40

Barnies Brunch 23

Gorgeous work by the Barnie’s in-house marketing staff!

Another cool feature at Barnie’s is coffee art by Steven Mikel.

Barnies Brunch 6

His watercolor art is created with liquid coffee paint.  It’s amazing!

Barnies Brunch 5

He is currently painting the new Dr. Phillips Center South.  He is incredibly talented.

Barnies Brunch 7

You can find out more about Steven and his coffee art at

Now back to a few news items.  For you die-hard Barnie’s coffee fanatics, there will be a contest to bring back four favorite flavors from their coffee vault!  Vote here!

Barnie’s is now offering Rollins College faculty, staff and students, a 20% discount on all food and drink purchases (with the exception of alcohol)!

And last but not least, this year Barnie’s will celebrate 20 years since their year-round, best selling flavor was first introduced.  That’s right people, Santa’s White Christmas!

Keep up with Barnie’s on social media, you won’t want to miss their anniversary specials!  And visit them soon to try their new menus and enjoy their glorious brunch!  I’ve got mad #local #love for Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen and I hope after you visit, you’ll make them your new “Best Brunch” spot too!


The Dinner Party Project at Aggressive Appliances

You read that right…I attended my first “The Dinner Party Project” event and it was held at…an appliance store!  But not just any appliance store, an awesome, high-end appliance store that has been in business for over 30 years.  Tina made us all feel very welcome at the store, and it was more like attending a dinner party at someone’s home!  Aggressive Appliances is off of E. Colonial Dr. (617 Mercy Dr., Orlando – and has six working kitchens used for a variety of events, including The Dinner Party Project which took place last week.

aggressive appliances

Our guest chef, Mike Garcia, who has previously worked at The Smiling Bison, The Rav Pig and Cask & Larder, had some lovely kitchens at his disposal for this event.


Our table for twelve was set up in the center of the showroom.


menu 2 w table

And each place setting showed us our menu for the evening.

menu 1

We began with drinks prepared by Michael Ring with Old Forester.


onli drink set up w old forester in kitchen

He was kind enough to prepare special non-alcoholic drinks for me…a sweet treat!  My first drink was a strawberry hibiscus punch with lemons and basil, made with Onli (sparkling flavored water –!onli-products).

onli drink 1

Very refreshing!

We began with an hor d’ouevre of “shrimp and grits”.

shrimp and grits grit cakes app 2

This sweet little grit cake was topped with shrimp mousse and pickled onion.  Loved this!

Next, our starters were a cucumber gazpacho with fennel, peppers, cherry tomatoes and micro basil…

cucumber gazpacho

and red beets tartine on grilled sourdough with crème fraiche, dill and radish.

red beets tartine 1

So good I had to take more than one picture!

red beets tartine 3


red beets tartine 2

Michael again created a lovely drink for me (that apparently I sucked down so fast I forgot to take a photo), that was made with green tea, lemon and mint.  It was my favorite drink of the night…and so pretty!  You’ll just have to use your imagination.  I’m still dreaming about it!

Next our entrée, a grilled sweet tea chicken dish with peach mostardo, baked sea island pea puree and a 63 ° egg.

grilled sweet tea chicken

I’m now thinking that grilled sweet tea chicken is something I must learn to make at home ASAP!

My drink with this dish was a homemade apple cider.

apple drink

Last but not least was dessert.  We enjoyed an almond panna cotta with vanilla, lavender, sponge cake and topped with blueberries.

panna cotta

This dessert was light and not too sweet.

Our accompanying drink was a lavender simple soda, and espresso soda and Barnie’s coffee blend, with vanilla bean half and half foam as the whip.

coffee drink

It was a great evening getting to know some local bloggers and enjoy some great food!  What an amazing opportunity and concept.  Long live The Dinner Party Project!

Thanks Dana Roquemore for creating such an awesome event!

You can see more about The Dinner Party Project on Facebook at and follow along on Instagram at _thedinnerpartyproject_.

Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen and The Brewery

I was invited, along with several local bloggers (and a certain food critic that we all know and love), to preview some menu selections from the new Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen and The Brewery at beautiful JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando.

JW Marriott

The attention to detail was obvious from the moment of our arrival into The Kitchen and The Brewery, and very purposeful in it’s presentation.


I loved the personalized menu and the sweet swag bag!

Table and place mat

I loved the high top tables, and the patterned fabric adorning the bench seating!  Lots of steel, wood and leather accents in rich blue hues.


The Kitchen prep and service area was open to the large room and made it feel homey and welcoming.

Kitchen long

This lovely mural adorns a wall that is book-ended by two farm door style sliders that close together to reveal television sets on either side for prime viewing of sporting events.  There are also televisions atop the bar area.


Some very comfortable options for outdoor seating are available as well.

Outdoor seating

After a few minutes of taking pictures our menu preview began with these warm, freshly made from scratch cheddar and chive biscuits.  The accompanying spreads were an apple moonshine jam (seen left), and pork butter (seen right).


I couldn’t resist the pork butter spread.  Two of my favorite things!  The biscuits were delicious and not too heavy.

biscuit and spread

Then we were treated to a sample of one of the flatbreads on the menu.  This flatbread was topped with a kale pesto, egglplant, gruyere (oh yeah!), balsamic onions, and argula.


I love a flatbread with fresh arugula, and the combination of flavors was delicious.

Flatbread slice

We moved on to our Whisper Creek Farm Harvest Salad.  This was a particular favorite.  Carrots, cherry tomato, onion, broccolini, Brussels sprouts, and Egyptian spinach topped with a citrus ricotta cheese…heavenly.


Talk about farm-to-table ingredients!  These fresh crispy veggies grown on property made my tummy very happy!

Chef Jason shared that his concept for this salad was an even deeper vision than farm-to-table, and he preferred to think of it as “seed-to-plate”, expanding upon the intention of the entire culinary team to have a sustainable experience only available on property at Whisper Creek Farms.

Next we enjoyed a dish of seared grouper over Anson Mills grits, in a slow braised ham hock broth, and topped with spicy, pickled leeks.  A light and flavorful dish.

Fish and grits

Our next dish was a smoked ham and sunny side up fried egg sandwich.  (These eggs come directly from the chickens at Whisper Creek Farms.  Each chicken lays one egg per day, and they currently have 30 chickens and will soon add more.)

Egg sandwich and chips

The house made BBQ chips were seasoned with Whisper Creek Farms competition BBQ rub.  Yeehaw!

Egg sandwich

The ham and egg sammie was topped with avocado and mustard frills, and was placed neatly inside it’s honey pecan roll; though this sandwich did become deliciously messy.

Our final taste was dessert!  This is The Kitchen’s surplus kumquat gelato.


Kumquat marmalade is combined with The Brewery’s surplus IPA (made from the surplus honey created by the resident bees on property).

Surplus gelato

I sampled another gelato offering…apple basil!  It was very sweet but the fresh basil was an excellent palate cleanser.  Very refreshing!

Apple basil gelato

I enjoyed the overall experience of our visit to Whisper Creek Farms: The Kitchen and The Brewery and know that this venture will garner much success at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando from visitors and locals alike.

Check them out soon!

Whisper Creek Farms: The Kitchen and The Brewery
Address: 4040 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837

JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando
Address: 4040 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837
Phone:(407) 206-2300


The Meatball Shoppe

Jeff and Isabella Morgia have just recently opened The Meatball Shoppe in East Orlando, and their guests are quickly becoming regulars.  The obvious attention to “famiglia” is displayed by the generations of family pictures that adorn the wall of their shop.  This sweet couple are all about having families sit down to dinner together, and whether you eat in the shop or take home, you’re sure to find something to please every member of your family.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting The Meatball Shoppe three times and look forward to many more visits.  I’ve had the meatball smash (I chose traditional Italian meatballs with a little roasted tomato sauce and a little creamy provolone sauce) with a side of shoppe salad,

my sandwich 1

the chicken marsala meatballs, with a side of shoppe salad and focaccia,

chicken marsala meatballs

and the chicken parm with a gem (chicken meatballs, roasted tomato sauce, provolone and fried egg) with a side of shoppe salad.

chicken meatballs with an egg

It’s difficult to choose because everything looks so good..but here’s the process.  The first step is choosing what type of meatball you’d like to try, they have several options: Nonna’s traditional Italian, Jeffy’s sausage, Mediterranean-grass-fed lamb (with pita and tatziki), spicy pork, chicken marsala or the reuben ball (traditional Italian topped with reuben sauce).  They also offer a vegetarian gluten free meatball.

Then you decide how you want it…on top of a selection of sides offered, alone (served over arugula), or as a “smash” (sandwich-style).  You can also add a “gem” (fried egg) to top any of these selections.  Sides include creamy polenta, penne pasta, gluten-free pasta, pasta aglia olio, and white bean ragout.

They have some great salad options as sides and I’m personally in love with the shoppe salad.  You also can have a piece of their fresh baked focaccia (which comes with some of the meals).

Then you pick a sauce: roasted tomato, Isabella’s signature pesto, creamy provolone, rich marsala mushroom, and spicy pork.

If you need help with deciding, they are always willing to make suggestions and guide you in your choices according to your likes.

Last night I attended a local blogger event at The Meatball Shoppe by invite from Chef Isabella.  We learned about her history, her passion for family, food and community, and sampled many dishes.  Here are just a few…

The vegetarian meatball over white bean ragout with shoppe salad and focaccia,

veggie balls

traditional Italian meatballs with tomato sauce and topped with ricotta, shoppe salad and focaccia,

ricotta topped meatballs

spicy pork meatball over penne and topped with a gem, shoppe salad and focaccia,

meatballs topped with egg 1

Mediterranean meatballs over polenta and topped with tzatziki, served with pita and a shoppe salad,

meatballs over polenta 2

a meatball sampler,

meatball sampler

and, some creamy polenta.

polenta close up

Don’t forget to save room for a sweet treat after dinner.  You can opt for gelato or Isabella’s signature mini cannoli.

My cannoli was yummy!


Definitely give The Meatball Shoppe a try.  They have several weekly specials and also offer Isabella’s Bella Cucina’s Grab n’ Go dishes.

The Meatball Shoppe is located at 7325 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, FL 32822 in a small corner plaza at the corner of Lake Underhill and Goldenrod Road. Hours are Monday thru Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm and they are closed on Sunday.

You can find more information about The Meatball Shoppe on their website at  You can also find them on Facebook at  (See Chef Isabella’s page at for catering, personal chef services, private dining and cooking classes.)  Follow The Meatball Shoppe on Twitter at @OrlandoMeatball.

Mangia like famiglia with The Meatball Shoppe!

100th Blog Post – Local Food Truck Love and the Food Truck Bazaar

As you may or may not know (where have you been?), I love food trucks!  Since this is my 100th blog post, I’m going to go on and on about some of my favorites, and post lots and lots of pics from my visits to the monthly Food Truck Bazaar (at Fashion Square Mall and Avalon Park).  This is going to be my longest post ever!

Some of the trucks I’m going to talk about are still operational locally, some have moved away, and a few are no longer in business (I miss some of you terribly).  I hope you enjoy!

To begin, I first visited a food truck a few years ago when I heard about a group of trucks gathering at a lot off of Forsyth behind a ‘big box’ food warehouse. I packed my child into the car and set off to find out what the talk was all about. Who knew that I would (and much to my husband’s chagrin) still be following these trucks around, and now have a blog to share my love for them!

My first purchase from a local food truck was a s’mores crepe from The Crepe Company (@thecrepecompany).

crepe co

My love for this food truck continues (Hi, Lisa!) and I have enjoyed every crepe (sweet or savory) that I’ve had the pleasure to try. Here are a couple of pics…

Crepe Co crepecrepe pic 1

Look them up on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at @TheCrepeCompany to find out where the truck (or cart) will be and try a crepe today!  And they, like most of our local food trucks, are available for catering and parties!

My second purchase was from the Yum Yum Cupcake truck (you can see a pattern of “sweets” love here).

yum yum

I bought a Dough Dough Bird and a Dom Berrignon.

Yum Yum cupcake Dom Berrignon

I became totally obsessed with the ‘Dom’ and soon began tweeting to @yumyumtruck_FL that I was a #domfan. (The dom is seasonal, so stock up when they’re available!)

Yum Yum cupcake Dom Berrignons

I have kinda been “fan girl”-ish about Yum Yum. (Thus my well-earned title from the men of Yum Yum themselves …”#vpofyumyumhashtags.”) That’s right…I am all up in the business of Yum Yum cupcakes on Twitter. Love them, love them, love them.  (I’ll miss you Joey and Alex! Thank you for leaving the cupcakes for us!)

Joey and Alex

(Photo credit via Facebook)

You can find Yum Yum Cupcake Truck on Facebook at  Their website is and you can find them on Twitter at @yumyumtruck_fl.

One of the next food trucks I tried was The Korean BBQ Taco Truck. (Be aware of imitations. This truck is the original and only Korean BBQ Taco Truck locally. Other yellow trucks serving Korean food are not affiliated.)

I first visited The Korean BBQ Taco Truck when it looked like this…

korean bbq

But after getting a new truck, this is the truck we see today at the Food Truck Bazaars!

korean bbq truck

Korean BBQ was an instant favorite.  They have THE best bulgogi beef taco on the planet (and I don’t even have to taste all of the bulgogi beef tacos on the planet to know this).  I am madly in love with the Korean BBQ Taco Trucks bulgogi beef taco box.  (Thank you David for making the best Korean BBQ in town!)

This meal comes with the tastiest of bulgogi beef in a soft taco shell, a serving of salad with ginger dressing, a (super) spicy chicken wing, a few slices of their famous (at least it is to me) cheese roll (which consists of Korean rice, Korean beef, mozzarella cheese, and topped with spicy mayo) and a fried potato slice topped with teriyaki sauce. (No MSG, no garlic, and no peanuts.)

Korean BBQ taco box

OMG is it good. And SO filling. For the price, this meal is the best value out there (in my opinion) when it comes to food truck fare.

Mmmm cheese rolls!!

Korean BBQ cheese rolls

There are plenty of great options served by the Korean BBQ Taco Truck including their Korean fried chicken, rice and sub boxes.

Korean BBQ menu

You should try any or all of them as soon as possible!

Korean BBQ Taco Box is a regular at The Daily City Food Truck Bazaaars, and they are all over the greater Orlando area, so be sure to check their website and Twitter posts for locations daily! Get some bulgogi beef as soon as possible! You won’t be disappointed.  Check out their Facebook page at and on Twitter @koreanbbq_2011.

Now, I’m hungry.

Okay, let’s move on to some more of my favorites.

Curbside Chef truck

The Curbside Chef food truck is owned by the amazingly talented Chef Clarito Macalalad and his wife, Bonnie.  Two truly lovely people who have the bragging rights of not only an award winning food truck, but the “first in Florida, maybe the nation, food truck that the Chef is an aquaponic farmer producing, fresh, local (his backyard), organic, & sustainable herbs & produce for his truck.”

Curbside Chef menu 1

Curbside Chef menu 2

Here are just a few of the menu items I’ve had the pleasure to eat.

Bird’s Nest Brioche French Toast…

Curbside birds nest brioche

Red velvet pancakes with quail egg…

Curbside red velvet pancakes and quail egg

Curbside dish w sushi

Here are some dishes I was able to sample at the Eat St. taping (I hope I didn’t end up on the cutting room floor, but if I did, it was still worth it to eat some amazing dishes!).

Curbside fish

Curbside mussels better

Curbside Pho

Curbside Tacos…

Curbside tacos better

and last but not least, a dim sum sampler.

curbside chef dim sum 2

You can’t go wrong with anything you choose from Chef Clarito’s menu.  Check out their website for more information at or on Facebook at  You can also find them on Twitter at @curbsidechef.

There are lots of trucks in Central Florida that I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to sample their dishes and meet their amazing owners.  I spent a lot of time searching my files of photos for the past three or four years (not an easy undertaking) and managed to find many but definitely not all of my food truck photos.  Here is what I’ve been able to find with some photos of others (photo credit given) added in.  Sit back and enjoy…

Big Wheel Food Truck

Big Wheel Provisions

Big Wheel crab stuffed avocado

You are missed around here, Chef!

Big Wheel selfie

5 Gastronomy

5 gastronomy

Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles

melissas chicken and waffles

Melissas Chicken and Waffles mac and cheese waffle w bacon

The Crooked Spoon

Crooked Spoon

Crooked Spoon burger

The Crooked Spoon went brick and mortar and you can find them in Clermont.  Their website is and you can find them on Facebook

RIP Chef Steve

C&S Brisket Bus


Brisket nachos!  Yes, please!

Brisket Bus nachos

Next, a truck that has been around a while but that I only recently had the opportunity to visit.  And wow, was I missing out!  Saigon Sizzle serves fresh and delicious authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.

Saigon Sizzle

My first visit I chose a special, the bacon pate chaud.  It was life-changing.

Saigon Sizzle bacon pate chaud

I also enjoyed their shaking steak.

Saigon Sizzle shaking beef

You can find more information about Saigon Sizzle at and on Facebook at  Follow them on Twitter at @saigonsizzle and try them soon!

OverRice Food Truck

Filipino Favorites and Hawaiian Barbecue.  Fusion at its finest folks!

Over Rice

And just one word sums up my love for them…lumpia!

Over Rice meal w lumpia

You can find more information about Over Rice Food Truck on Facebook at  Follow them on Twitter at @OverRiceCFL.

Café Rouge Express

Cafe Rouge Express

(Photo credit via Facebook)

You can find more information about Café Rouge Express on Facebook at  You can follow them on Twitter at @caférougeexpres

Treehouse Truck

Treehouse Truck

(Photo credit via Facebook)

I loved the Treehouse Truck when Thomas aka “Tree” was it’s owner, and I’ve come to love it’s current owners, Vinnie and Sarah.  Wonderful people who prepare great food.

If you haven’t tried The Luther…

Treehouse Truck doughnut burger

You are missing out.

I’m also a fan of Mama’s PB&J.

Treehouse mamas pbandj

You can find more information about Treehouse Truck at and on Facebook at Give them a follow on Twitter at @treehousetruck.

La Empanada

la empanada

la empanada menu

La Empanada ham and cheese outside

La Empanada ham and cheese inside

Twisted Cuban

Twisted Cuban

(Photo Credit via @eatingWDW)

Twisted Cuban cuban sandwich

(Photo Credit via @eatingWDW)

I’m glad Alex Flores and his wife still post on Twitter, but man do I miss the truck!

Sushi & Seoul on the Roll

Sushi and Seoul

(Photo credit via Facebook)

You can find more information about Sushi and Seoul on Facebook at and via Twitter at @sushiandseoul.

The Flattery


And their great veggie flatbread!

flattery flatbread

Bem Bom Food Truck and the awesome Chef Chico

Bem Bom

Bem Bom menu

bem bom

SwedeDISH Fod Truck


Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road

(Photo Credit via

Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen

eclectic kitchen dessert

eclectic kitchen fritters

(Oh how I miss those fritters!!)

Dixieland Diner

Dixieland Diner

(Photo credit via

Love Steve and Tim and LOVE their beignets!

You can find more information on their website at and on Facebook at  Be sure to follow them on Twitter at @dixielanddiner.

Sabai Sabia Mobile Thai

Sabai Sabai

(Photo Credit via

Baja Grill

Baja Grill

Find them on Twitter at @rubiosbajagrill.

K Burgers

K Burgers

(Photo credit via

You can find more information about them at and follow them on Twitter at @kburgers.

Local Yolk’l

local yolkl

local yolkl menu

You can find more information about them at and on Facebook at Follow them on Twitter at @localyolkl.


CaroBama BBQ truck

caro bama sandwich

CaroBama bbq sandwich

CaroBama bbq sandwich 2

Oh the white sauce!

You can find more information about CaroBama at and on Facebook at  Follow them on Twitter at @CaroBamaBBQ.

Monsta Lobsta

monsta lobsta

monsta lobsta menu

monsta lobsta roll


Wako Taco

(Photo Credit via

Mayan Grill

Mayan Grill

Mayan Grill menu

Mayan Grill papusa 2

Mayan Grill papusa 1

You can find more information about Mayan Grill at and on Facebook at  Follow them on Twitter at @mayangrill1221

Fantastic Hummus

Fantastic Hummus

(Photo Credit via Facebook)

Owner Bassam Alkhaldi posts frequently on Facebook, so check out his page at

Mama’s Fixins

Mamas Fixins

She introduced me to and made me fall in love with fried green tomatoes!  A fantastic soul and comfort food truck who treats their customers like family.  Their faith and friendship is invaluable to the food truck community.

You can find more information at and on Twitter at @MamasFixins.

Café Cocoa Moa

Cafe Cocoa Mo

The Mangia Mobile

the mangia mobile

The Batter Bowl

the batter bowl

the batter bowl menu



tastebuds menu

The Big Cheese Truck

The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese menu

Cactus Azul

Cactus Azul menu 2

Cactus Azul menu

Up in Smoke BBQ

Up in smoke

Philly’s Best

Phillys Best

Philly's Best menu

El Cubanito’s Subs

el cubanito subs

Voodoo Kitchen

VooDoo Kitchen

900 Degreez

900 degreez



SMAC menu

Charlie’s Bakery

Charlies Bakery

charlies bakery menu

Ice Cream Social Club

the scoop ice cream social truck

the scoop menu

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun ice cream

Magic 4UR Palate


Magic 4UR Palate menu


shred a bowls

Kona Dog

kona dog


hook em n cook em

Honey Dripper

honey dripper

Gourmet Mutt Truck

gourmet mutt truck

Catering by Edna

catering by edna

Bollywood BBQ

bollywood bbq


Tuk Tuk Thai

Tuk Tuk

Greek To Me

All Greek to me

All Greek to me menu

Au Natural

au natural

There are MANY more trucks, some I have visited and some that I have not, and I’m sure my pics are somewhere on a computer hard-drive, but this post is exceedingly long and I must move on.

I can’t mention food trucks without mentioning The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar and it’s fabulous organizer Mark Baratelli. (@TheDailyCity, @FoodTruckBazaar, @MarkBaratelli)

The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar has grown from just a few trucks at their events, to events hosting 25 food trucks and more!  The Bazaar has added tables and chairs to their events too…


FTBazaar chairs

FTBazaar scene

and travels to the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, Avalon Park, Casselberry, Sanford, Mt. Dora, Orange City, and other locations including the East Coast.

The Daily City sandwich board

They even recently have introduced “Big Pink”, the official Food Truck Bazaar truck!

FTBazaar truck

Several pop-up retailers have also made appearances at the Bazaars.

Dechoes tent at FTBazaar

And a DJ has recently been performing at the Fashion Square event.  The last Fashion Square Bazaar even had bagpipes!!  Thank you Mark for all you do for Central Florida Food Truck Community!

Everyone has their favorite food trucks, and as you can see, I have many.  I’ve visited a lot of food trucks locally (and on vacation/road trip adventures) and I look forward to trying many more.  I will always give love to my favorites, and enjoy finding new favorites too.  If I didn’t list a truck, feel free to make a suggestion and I’ll check them out!  (I’m sure I’ll acquire new favorites before my 200th post!)

Keep Calm and Food Truck On

#foodtrucks #local #love


The Back Room Steakhouse

I have to thank Chris (@eatlocalorlando) for mentioning this restaurant to me.  The hubs and I were finally able to check it out.


We started with bread service…

bread service

and shared an appetizer of steamed picante cabra dumplings.


These dumplings were filled with goat cheese, herbs, and chorizo and set atop a sweet and spicy chili sauce.

I decided on soup and salad this evening (yes, I know, it’s a steakhouse…I’ll just have to go back and try a steak ).  I started with butternut squash soup.


I then enjoyed the Back Room wedge, a traditional wedge salad that included bacon and bleu cheese crumbles and a balsamic glaze (I asked for no tomatoes).


It so happens that on the night we visited, they were having a prime rib special, so the hubs also did not order steak (next time people!) but opted for the prime rib dinner.

prime rib

The sides were mashed potatoes and broccolini (one of my favorites).

For dessert, we shared a salted caramel panna cotta.

dessert 2

This rich and creamy panna cotta was served chilled atop a decadent chocolate ganache.

dessert 1

Oh my.  We will definitely have to go back for steaks, but also…this dessert.

If you haven’t visited yet, please check them out.  (And have a steak!)  The Back Room Steakhouse is located at 1418 Rock Springs Road in Apopka (they are located in a strip mall plaza near Beef O’Brady’s).  It would be a good idea to call for reservations first, as the restaurant is small and they get busy.  You can reach the restaurant at (407) 880-7832.

You can find out more information about The Back Room Steakhouse via their website at or on Facebook at  You can also follow them on Twitter at @tbrsteakhouse.

I look forward to visiting again!  Maybe Chris and Ann will join the hubs and I.

Raglan Road at Downtown Disney – The Rollicking Raglan Weekend Brunch

The hubs and I recently visited Raglan Road at Downtown Disney to try their Rollicking Raglan Weekend Brunch.  We got a close spot by the Pleasure Island entrance and walked a short distance to the restaurant.


Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

menu board

Through these doors you become transported directly to Dublin!

Raglan Road sign

We began our journey with bread service.

bread service

Irish brown soda bread with a Guinness reduction and olive oil.  This was so good, it was almost like a dessert.  Mmm carbs.

We started with an appetizer, the tart art, an asparagus & goat cheese tart with garden peas, leeks & lemon oil dressed arugula.

asparagus tart

Very fresh and light, I loved this!

For his entrée, the hubs selected the roast with potato roasties, yorkshire pudding and veggies (green beans) with a red wine jus.

yorkshire pudding

For my entrée, I chose the eggs en cocotte.

eggs en cocotte

Farm fresh eggs baked with spinach, mushrooms and Dubliner cheddar cheese served with toast soldiers.  Gorgeous presentation!  This dish was rich and delicious.  I could have licked that little pot o’cheesy goodness clean!

After an extremely satisfying brunch and full belly, we enjoyed a very talented group of musicians and singers performing Irish and Scottish folk songs.  I could have listened all day.


The bodhrán player was fantastic!

The band was joined by Celtic dancers, who were exhausting to watch.


We felt like they burned enough calories for us, so we enjoyed a dessert while we watched them dance.

We shared a delicious bread pudding.

bread pudding 1

Our fantastic server, Jennifer, suggested we empty the bread pudding onto the plate and spread it out, before coating it in a lovely glaze of butterscotch and crème anglaise.

bread pudding 3 use

Excellent idea.  It was sweet and delish!

You must get to Downtown Disney and visit Raglan Road for brunch.  It is well worth it.  Call ahead for reservations, they get busy!  You can find more information at and on their Facebook page at  You can also find them on Twitter at @RaglanRoadPub.

Go raibh maith agaibh to the fine folks at Raglan Road for the opportunity to visit and enjoy your Rollicking Raglan Brunch Weekend.  (I was also delighted to speak with Enda about the birthplace of ancestors in County Carlow and County Armagh.)

Slán go foill!  Sláinte chugat!